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The Saga begins







Attention HBO Executives:

When Prohibition finally ends on Boardwalk Empire and you run out of George R.R. Martin books to adapt, you should really take a look at Brian K. Vaughn’s and Fiona Staples’ new comic Saga. If the title sounds ambitious, that’s because it is. But it also has all those gritty, nutty, and/or kinky things that are definitely in your wheelhouse: a pregnant harpy, a pacifist demon, wars in far-off lands, a child of Destiny, and even fornicating robots. (Not to mention the strategic nipplage, graphic violence, and grammatically-incorrect droppings of the “F” bomb that are practically HBO trademarks.)

Not since Apocalypse Now has the senselessness of war been clubbed to death with the efficiency this comic displays. Deserters Alana and Marko and their half-breed daughter are swept up in the ever-shifting tides of “A War of Good versus Good,” as commanders on both sides constantly change the “rules” to suit their own petty needs.

But, like all of HBO’s other successful shows, it is the humanity of these alien characters that really holds this Mulligan stew of Heavy Metal stereotypes together: Winged mom-to-be Alana’s fear that she will poo during delivery, horn-headed daddy Marko’s visible pride whenever he says, “my family,” even a bounty hunter’s rage that an animal was wasted as a test of his skills.

Saga - Chapter 1, Page 4

Artist Fiona Staples adds a certain deliberate choppiness to her usual style, in support of Brian K. Vaughan’s grim, yet ooky world. And Mr. Vaughan, for his part, like Francis Ford Coppola or David Lynch, is not afraid to amp up the irony to near-ludicrous levels. The birth that opens the story occurs in a garage (a modern day stable). Prince Robot the IV sent by his father, the King (Robo-Herod, perhaps?), to kill the child. Sound familiar? Maybe a “Slaughter of the Innocents” next issue will cement the parallels. Vaughn adds an extra level of irony by showing that IV is trying to start a family of his own when this mission is assigned to him.

Oh, I know HBO has been burned before; trying to adapt Todd MacFarlane’s maniacal ego trip, Spawn, into an “mature” cartoon, but Image Comics is giving you an annual’s worth of content to sample in this first chapter for the price of a low-end single issue. Give it a try and see you aren’t on board with the rest of us.

Your loyal fan (who should be a Studio Exec),

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