Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World
Trailer! Looks purdy goot!


Yyyyyyup. This looks fun! I’m surprise this hasn’t been a plot for a comedy until just now! And holy cow, who ISN’T in this movie?? Steve Carell, Keira Knightly sure, but Patton Oswalt, Adam Brody, Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights, American Horror Story), Gillian Jacobs (Community), William Peterson, Rob Corddry? EESH!

I like everyone involved and the trailer made me laugh a couple times, so I’m in!
“Is this the one that got away?”
“Well they ALL got away, but this is the first one to do it”


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Trailer! Looks purdy goot!”

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  1. FlannelGuy says:

    I saw this before…(cough cough)…the Vow…and this is the EXACT roll I want to see Carrel play more. I loved him in Little Miss and Dan in Real Life. He’s got such an endearing quality to him…and as much as I have deemed him the next Leslie Neelson, there’s so much more to him. I just feel good about life when I watch him in these roles. If I see more pics like this, than him leaving the Office was worth it!

  2. jaydee says:

    How was (cough cough) The Vow? I don’t know anything about it.

    And YES, I concur, sir! I love Carrel in roles like these, the downtrodden schlub. I even enjoyed his character in Dinner With Schmucks (even though that movie was atrocious)..

    This one seems like it might be a much better film!

  3. FlannelGuy says:

    That movie was awful. I honestly think the guy makes like 50/50 good movie choices.

    Get Smart, Dinner with the Schmucks and Date Night seemed like they were just pay checks. Potential with a great ensemble that were just poorly executed.

    The more indie style stuff he does like Dan in Real Life & Little Miss Sunshine seem more like his speed. I haven’t seen that last one he did with Gosling, but that feels like another Date Night.

    The best moments on the Office are when he’s completely ignorant or sentimental. Carrel has chops, but like I said, only half the time.

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