Batman and Robin #6 review!


Batman And Robin has been undoubtably the best Bat-comic of the relaunch. Detective and Dark Knight don’t even exist for me, and Snyder’s solo Batman title is a close second, but what pushes BaR over the edge for me is the And Robin bit. I love a brooding Bats, perched on a gargoyle, having inner monologue out the wazoo as much as the next geek, but it always takes a Robin to make it great. Especially THIS Robin. Ever since Morrison introduced him, I have loved that underaged boy and I am not afraid to admit it, Megan’s Law be damned. And no, I don’t really know the difference between him and Jason Todd, who “had it coming”…maybe it’s just the writers writing him? He’s just as arrogant and mouthy as JT, yet I don’t want to beat him to death with crowbars.

The relationship between Bruce and Damian is my favorite part of the Bat-mythos right now. It’s incredibly interesting and engaging and brings something to this book that the other Bat titles are missing.

Beyond even that though, is the mystery of the villain, who has been plaguing BaR ever since issue 1 hit the stands. He has been slowly trying to prove to Bruce that his lethal methods are more effective and trying to persuade Damian to leave Batman’s shadow and become a killer. He’s been making a pretty convincing argument and let’s face it that insectile mask of his is creepy as all get-out (though his body suit seems to have a bunch of weird, useless ports strewn all about). We know that the man in the suit is Ducard, but what does he have against Bruce? Why is he trying to undermine him? And just how far down the rabbit hole will Damian fall? Ok, well we all know that Damian isn’t going to fall all that far down the rabbit hole, but still, it’s a good storyteller like Tomasi that makes you doubt that fact. He’s been doing a really amazing job with this title, and it’s only been getting better with every issue.

I also have to mention that I laughed out loud when I saw the cover text for this issue. “Above the skies of Gotham…Dark Knight battles DEMON SEED!” Damian is the grand-son of Ra’s Al Ghul, “The head of the Demon”, and Seed meaning sperm, offspring? Eh? EHH?? GET IT? Ahhh, forget you, you humorless jerk.

This is a fantastic book and if you aren’t reading it, you’re a dummy.


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