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Fanboys. This is it. All that wish fulfillment growing up. Wondering what it be like to be “super human”, soar through the skies and get back at those bullies that got in your way. It’s in Chronicle, a movie that LITERALLY starts with a bang.

Chronicle follows Andrew Detmer, a shy loner with a terrible home life and crappier time at  school. To get by and pass the time, he begins documenting every moment he can with this camera. Yes, on paper, it doesn’t sound like it would work for a movie. And with the plethora of documentary style flicks, you may think you’re fed up with the style by now and all that shaky filming, ie Cloverfield and Blair Witch. Director Josh Trank and writer, Max Landis solve this problem and in a very clever way that not only works, but evolves with our characters. Unlike in Paranormal Activity, you begin to understand just why the camera is always rolling. And since it’s a found footage approach, let’s just say it’s not always from Andrew’s Point of View.

Also following Andrew are his cousin, the philosophical Matt Garratey and the most popular kid in school, Steve Montgomery. Even their names feel like they’re from the comic panels of Stan Lee. These are three unlikely cliches that end up having great chemistry. You believe in their friendship as the movie progresses and the bond that grows between them…or apart. It isn’t forced, but feels rather, natural. With the documentary filming, you almost become their fourth and feel like you’re with them in the best and worst of times. And yes, when they’re up in the sky, you’re right there with them. It was very hard to believe just how this film was made at 15 million. By the third act, you’ll be in awe and quietly saying in your seat, ”  F YEAH!”

Chronicle enforces the age old, “with great power, comes great responsibility” except Andrew doesn’t have an Uncle Ben or Pa Kent by his side. Yet, every step of the way, you feel for the kid, even when things get a little dark and take a turn for the worse.

Each character, in one way or another, takes a personal journey. They draw their own conclusions with these powers and what they plan to do with them. There’s no defined good or evil, just shades of grey, which makes me wonder if that’s why their original marketing was in black and white (see image to the right).

Now, I don’t want to give anything away because this is indeed, climbing the charts as one of the best super hero flicks I’ve ever seen, but man, this was awesome. In more ways than one. It works as a character piece. It works as an origin story. Spells out just how much we’re invested in technology and not what’s in front of us. And it sure works as a super hero sci fi adventure.

When the credits roll, Chronicle left me wanting more. And for those who feel they saw way too many trailers to appreciate this flick, I can only promise you, you haven’t seen ANYTHING yet. And when you see it once, you’ll want to return to pick up stuff you may have missed. Shut your brain off the first time, listen the 2nd.

Bottom line, fans of Superman 2, Akira, X-Men and just about any comic book flick, will truly appreciate this movie. In all seriousness, I think anyone could appreciate this flick. So, skip the game and check this one out this weekend. Or you know, see it tonight!

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  1. jaydee says:

    great review Flannel!

    I couldn’t agree more. I actually just went and saw this again. Slai hadn’t seen it yet so we took my mom to see it. Slai liked it, but my ma said “well…that was STUPID” haha

    But she won tickets on WMMR to see Ghost Rider 2. If she thought this movie, which was great, was bad, I can’t wait until she gets a load of GR2!

  2. FlannelGuy says:

    I saw it…4 times…and kept finding more and more things and nods to fan boys everywhere.

    And Ghost Rider 2….she lost something valuable winning those tickets….time she’ll never get back.

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