Advance review of Justice League #5
by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee


Here’s how it went.
1. YES! An awesome beginning, with the Flash and Superman. Pulse-Pounding!
2. OK! Green Lantern going up against Darkseid! Bone-crunching! Though GL is still referring to himself in the third person like a douche.
3. JIGGA-WHAA? Batman doing something so out of character it feels like an else-worlds tale! Mind-boggling!
4. “This wasn’t part of the plan” No effing isht it wasn’t part of the plan. What plan, exactly, are you talking about, Bruce? There has BEEN. NO. PLAN.

This entire series so far has read like a 15 car pile-up. One car just smashing into the next and so on. This is the fastest-paced slow motion comic I’ve ever read. I’m not quite sure what’s going on with Geoff and this series, but it’s just a damn mess. This is almost the MTV reality television show version of what people who don’t read comics think a comic would be like. I feel bad typing this, because ever since he showed up, I have been a staunch supporter of John’s work and I was SO excited for this book when it started.

And while each issue has had at least one really cool or interesting moment, each issue has also had at least 2 head-scratching and/or out-of-character moments as well. Hal Jordan is a mindless fireworks display, Superman is a mindless WMD, Wonder Woman is a mindless little girl who loves ice-cream and stabbing folks with her hobo on and so on. And in this issue, Batman goes from someone who is supposed to be a massively intelligent and careful detective to a mindless, reckless teenager. In fact, does anyone remember the adorable and fantastic episode of JUSTICE LEAGUE (Season 3, Episode 3) called KID STUFF? Wherein all adults vanish due to Mordred and the JLA all turn guessed it: kids? It was really funny and cute because they were actually starting to act like children. Which was fine because they were ACTUALLY CHILDREN. In this series, all the characters are adults who act like kids. It isn’t cute, it’s just…strange and annoying. Oh and Cyborg’s involvement? I was really curious to see how his storyline was going to coincide with the main tale and how John’s was going to weave him into being on the JLA as more than the “token black fella”. His solution? “Hey dude, do you wanna stay here? No? Well, I guess you’re on the team, guy who has no idea how to use the abilities that he received 24 seconds ago!”

The upside is the action is a lot of fun and the art team does an amazing job! This is one of the top 3 best-looking book’s on the shelves every month. I love flipping through it again even after I’ve read it, just to really enjoy the artwork. Just stellar work. It’s a same that the story doesn’t match the effort of the visuals.

“We got this”? …sigh.

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by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee”

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  1. FlannelGuy says:

    This book seems amateurish at best…and with the team being heads of DC…I can’t fathom this is from Johns and Lee. The Batman scene with Green Lantern? WTF? And the fact that Bats and Supes haven’t even shared any real scene time….I’m just not liking this direction at all. These just don’t feel like the characters I grew to love. I think Flash is the only character they stay true to in this series. The forging of the Teen Titans seems more natural and entertaining than this book and I can’t say I’m in love with that series either.

  2. JD (Host) says:

    yeah, I’m reading Teen Titans right now and …that one’s pretty bad as well, but JL is much, much worse.
    I think if it was written by anyone but Geoff Johns, more people would admit how bad it is, and it’s a shame because I love Geoff Johns’ work, usually

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