BATTLE ROYALE is finally coming to America!
…not unlike Eddie Murphy.

To all the people who love THE HUNGER GAMES, this is probably where Suzanne Collins got the idea. I’ve loved this movie for over a decade now and all the rest of you can finally get ahold of it if you weren’t able before! I’ll finally be able to cast out my bootleg copy and watch it on my regular dvd player or xbox. Here is the official trailer for the re-release!
I know it’s coming to Blu-Ray and DVD, but dear Rao, please let them do a theatrical release!

Have you seen BR yet? Do you love it as I do?


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…not unlike Eddie Murphy.”

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  1. Mark Mackner says:

    Yes, sir! I do love it as you do. And yes, Hunger Games is a massive ripoff of Battle Royale. And BR is itself a mild ripoff of The Running Man. Which, itself was taken from The Most Dangerous Game. Hard Target, the JCVD flick, also lifted from TMDG. In short, BR is far from original, but it’s fun, and it’s well-made, and it’s got some great bits in it. Plus, Takeshi Kitano is the man.

    I found BR on DVD in the used section at FYE downtown. It seemed to me like an official release. Plays fine, subtitles are easily read. So I’ll just stick with that, I guess.

  2. Tgjan says:

    Collins “claims” she’d never heard of Battle Royale until after she wrote The Hunger Games.

  3. JD (Host) says:

    well, yeah, I guess Mark’s right, about it not being totally ORIGINAL (BR), but it’s really popular in the geek-scene, but not so much the it’s possible that she hadn’t heard of it before.

  4. Brian_the_Hutt says:

    All these comments just scream, “Simpsons did it!”

  5. Kevin says:

    Oh thank the Almighty! Reading your title I thought that there was some horrid Hollywood remake on it’s way. WHEW! What with Ridley Scott working on a Monopoly board game movie and Adam Sandler in talks for Candy Land, Hollywood has truly run out of ideas why wouldn’t they take an already amazing movie and bastardize it? I leave better ideas than those two in the toilet on a daily basis. I picked up a copy, that seems to be an official release….. somewhere, at Chiller many a moon ago that plays just fine in all of my assorted DVD viewing devices. As for remakes…. not sure if I want to smack someone for redoing Total Recall already or not…….

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