PopTards & PopCorn: Zombieland by Kire Carlson

(Kire thought he’d be a smartass and submit this as his review…so I thought I’d be a smartass and post it anyway – Jd):

Halfway through the film the cast stops to watch Ghostbusters.
It occurred to me that I suddenly wished I was at home also watching Ghostbusters.

The End.

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  1. Slappy says:

    Just listened, and a comment for Kevin: that thing about the color spectrum and green being in the center was tres correct, but your DUMB comment about Wonder Woman being affirmative action is just wack. She can go toe-to-toe with Supes: not many can. She kicks ass. Your desire for a giant JLA Sausage Fest is a bit scary . . .

  2. Poptards says:

    agreed Slappy..though MY problem with Wonder Woman isn't her as a character, so much as her BOOK, and her storylines. I can't ever seem to read a WW comic for more then a couple issues before becoming completely bored. My fave version of WW is from NEW FRONTIER, where she kicks so much ass..

  3. Slai says:

    Maybe Wonder Woman relishes Sausage Fests, femme fatale after my own heart 😉

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