JD reviews SAVAGE DRAGON 177,
featuring…OSAMA BIN LADEN??


Part of me knows I should be, at the very least, mildly concerned at the callous, inappropriate way an actual human is being treated post-humously…but considering the person in question is Osama Bin Laden, I’m finding it VERY difficult to give a grat’s blass. This book was AWESOME. So cheesy, so silver-agey, so much fun!

I haven’t read SD for a lonnnng time. I used to love the book for the first 5 or so years of its run, but somewhere along the line, I dropped it. Well, not just somewhere, it was at the exact point that The Savage Dragon killed a certain character, thus destroying his own time-line and creating an entirely NEW timeline for his book. I didn’t drop it because of this course of events, in fact, I was really impressed with how ballsy it was to just change everything about his long-running story and in essence, start from scratch. No, it was his adjustment to how he wrote the book. Larson, from what I could tell, didn’t want to write the sexy, borderline inappropriate book that he had been writing up until that point, and instead wanted to change it to be more of an All-Ages book and starting writing in an almost Stan Lee from the 60’s and 70’s style, which just didn’t work for me. I dropped it that very same issue. I just didn’t care anymore. That was my last experience with SD (except for when I went back and re-read all those original stories last year. I got to the same point in the book’s history and gave up. Again.)

But come ON, how do you see the image on the front cover of this issue and not at least flip through it? And flip through it I did. More than that, I read every expository word of this book and loved it.

Larson’s style is MUCH looser than I remember, with more shortcuts than I remember, but it was still basically the same Larson I used to love when I was growing up. The characters have all moved on as well. His son is a teenager, his not-really-daughter-from-another-alternate-reality is a teenager (and has had sex! G-A-S-P!), he’s apparently the leader of a cult of aliens and is out in space leading them to a new planet, or something…and he’s wearing a silly outfit with Magneto’s neckline, a logo from one of the characters of Legion of Superheroes, Captain America’s gloves and random stars for no real reason. What? Why not? And that’s pretty much all we really get of the actual Savage Dragon in this issue.

The rest showcase Dragon’s kids Malcolm and Angel fighting…YUP…the giant green reanimated corpse of Osama Bin Laden as it thwomps and thooms its way through the city. Why is he giant and green? Go with your first guess, it’s probably right. And what does Whitney Houston have to do with his defeat? I don’t want to spoil any more, so you’ll just have to read it.

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featuring…OSAMA BIN LADEN??”

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  1. kire says:

    At this point Larson is seemingly attempting to compete with Dave Sim (Cerebus) for longest creator owned/written/drawn series. It’s just Larson doesn’t nearly have as much to say.

  2. JD (Host) says:

    I’ve never read Cerebus…I’ve heard mixed reviews about it and about the creator himself..is it awesome or awful?

  3. Bobby says:

    Its funny – I had much the same experience with SD. It was by far my favorite original Image book and I would always look forward to the next issue- but somewhere along the way I just dropped it. I think it was just before he ended the Freak Force ongoing. Larsen has said that his work is geared primarily to the 70’s era Marvel reader and I think it really shows. His style has gotten alot looser- I picked up the last issue before this one cause I heard it was a great jumping on point and was surprised at the difference in his style from the first mini series. I think the reaction he got from the Dragon/Shrew bloodbath in the very first issue of the ongoing still rankles at him and that why he has tried to pull himself back from getting too dark periodically. I might pick up the SD omnibus we it comes out this summer to see what I missed in the past decade or so.

  4. Kire says:

    No single person can do 300 issues in 300 consecutive months spanning an entire characters life without cracking up. Hell some can barely draw one book a month on time. I loved Cerebus. I loved almost every arc and cried when I read the final issue. It was uneven, mysogonistic, violently anti religeous, steeped in allusions, and thoroughly depressing at times. Brilliant

  5. JD (Host) says:

    wow…those are some kind words for that series. well, the words that aren’t “uneven, mysogonistic.”!

    my only Cerebus experience was when he crossed over into Spawn waaaay way back in the 90s.


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