New Comics Podcast Up: Aintitcoolnews Pull-List!

Johnny Destructo, Ambush Bug, Optimous Douche and Matt Adler discuss a myriad of books that came out this past week including: Action Comics 4, Hawk & Dove 4, Defenders 1, X-Club 1, iZombie, Avenging Spider-Man 2 and Sweet Tooth 28!

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at!


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2 Comments to “New Comics Podcast Up: Aintitcoolnews Pull-List!”

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  1. Grim_Noir says:

    Damn you, guys! I was all set to write a review of The Defenders, but you beat me to it!

    Dodsons artwork: Awesome.

    Fraction writing: Fun. He has meticulously laid the groundwork for this series in the end of Fear Itself #7 and in the teaser story in the Marvel Point One one-shot. Defenders #1 is the payoff to their promise.

    Chthulian Paranoia? Check. I eat up panels of asylum maniacs driven into a frenzy.

    Subliminal writing across the bottoms of the pages? Hell, yeah! It adds to the weirdness of the concept (like Rip Hunter’s whiteboard used to).

    I never really cared about The Defenders in any previous llne-up, but making Dr. Strange their Russell T. Davies-style manic Dr. Who character really works to pull everything together.

    Keep up the good work, folks! (And I’ll keep tryin’ ta find something else to write about….)

  2. JD (Host) says:

    haha! sorry Grim!
    Just because we review something on the show doesn’t mean you can’t throw in your enthusiastic 2 cents!! from the stats on the site, there are plenty of readers (they’re just shy of commenting for some reason?)

    I’m with you on every front for The Defenders…Man…first Aquaman and now this?? My world is spinning!

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