Jack Bandit’s got his hands on Fables Vol. 16 Superteam review!

Title: Fables Volume 16 Super Team, Writer: Bill Willingham, Artists: Mark Buckingham, Joao Ruas, Eric Shanower, Steve Leialoha, Terry Moore, Publisher: Vertigo Reviewed by: Jack Bandit

So it happened. The new Fables magically appeared in front of me and I immediately took it home and read it.

Just to catch everyone up before I dive into the review, the last trade of Fables (#100) left Ozma in charge of taking out Mr. Dark after Frau Totenkinder’s (or the newly hot Bellflower) battle attempt failed.  Where the hell do they go from here?

(This will be spoiler free, so help me god..)

In this issue the Fables form a Super Team (pretty obvious huh?). But this leads to some pretty clever X-men parodies and a nice nod to I believe the Uncanny X-men in one cover specifically…

a "subtle" nod...indeed


Anyway… If anyone can point out what cover this is a nod to, you will receive uh, -shit, I should have talked to JD about this first- well… how bout a smiley face in the comments?

This is a pretty funny issue with all of those potential X-men jokes at Willingham’s disposal, BUT there is one criticism.

You do finally get a confrontation of Mr. Dark, and it is nothing like you expect, and sadly, pretty anticlimactic.  You get so revved up as you did with the earlier war arc, but then this happens and it’s just an, “oh, hmm.”  Regardless, i’m not willing to totally drop away from the series now. But I would have liked to see it handled differently, at the very least.

In addition to the current trial of the F-team or whatever you’d like to call them, there is a back story of Sleeping Beauty done by none other than Terry Freakin’ Moore!  By recruiting him you get a really lushly illustrated back story to the infamous Sleeping Beauty fable. Sadly, I know and love Moore for his depiction of ass kicking women (I’m lookin’ at you Katchoo!).

(how perfect is this image right now? right?!? )


But here, THE woman is asleep… obviously. However it is still a fun story nonetheless. However I would have loved to see Moore’s take on Rose Red or how badass Goldilocks was a LONG time ago.

Overall, I will devour the next Fables as I always have. There is such a rich history to work with that I can fathom Willingham ever wanting to slow down. And I definitely don’t want him to either.


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  1. kire says:

    Are you referring to John Byrne’s Superman #1 as the cover for the tpb?
    Can’t wait to finally get ahold of this myself.

  2. JD (Host) says:

    Holy WHAT? I had no idea Terry Moore was in this trade! I’m just recently into Fables, so I still have a LOTLOTLOT of catching up to do, but I’m wicked excited about this trade of only for TM. I’ve loved his work for as long as I can remember!
    Thanks for the heads up!

    And Kire, I *think* he means that the splash page under the cover is a nod to another X-Men cover..

  3. Jack Bandit says:

    Huh, well actually good catch Kire, I didn’t initially make that connection.. (sad but true).

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