New Podcast Up! The Pull-List with Aintitcool!
Nov 29, 2011

Johnny Destructo and fellow alum Ambush Bug, Matt Adler and Optimous Douche discuss their comics of the week, including Aquaman 3, Wolverine and the X-Men 2, Annihilators 3, Fantastic Four 600 and convince Bug to read Invincible 85!

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at!


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3 Comments to “New Podcast Up! The Pull-List with Aintitcool!
Nov 29, 2011”

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  1. Riley says:

    Very informative and fun listen, as always. In retrospect I agree Epting’s art on FF #600 was pretty stiff, even if the atmosphere finally suited the story for once. His work on Cap is incredibly well-suited to the material as well.

  2. JayDee says:

    Thanks Riley!

    Everyone seemed to love Epting on Cap…I remember the iFanboys really loving it too and me sitting there listening going…”really??” The man is talented, absolutely, but his panels just come across as a little static to me.

    Don’t take this to mean that I need some over the top “mainstream” penciler filling the panels with forced perspective fists and speed-lines or anything..but Epting’s books remind me a little of Maleev in that the panels kind of look like photo-stills as opposed to a flowing narrative.

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