Time Keeps on Ticking by Slai Washko

This week I find myself without a specific media of which I’d like to speak, though I am actively reading, listening, and watching. Three weeks into a new year has me pondering and planning, analyzing and architecting.

Time, that commodity and ever-waning measurement of our lives, is on my mind as of late. I am making it a point to enjoy mine as I hope you are as well.

Before moving back to Pennsylvania in July from L.A. I worked a minimal of 60 hours a week, my record being 93 hours in one week amongst four jobs. I was quite proud at the time. Proud that I was so wanted for my skills and proud that I was physically capable, for reasons I may or may not reveal if you follow my writing. However, there is a price for this pride. I connected with friends and fans of mutual interests through social networking sites more than in person for lack of time and was simultaneously less connected.

Now, 6 months into a lifestyle where I actually have time to spend with friends new and nostalgic, time to further reconnoitre all the arts that revive for me why it’s so miraculous to be human, and time to be well-rested enough to not question my acumen as much, I am valuing all those who purposefully produce that which provides education, entertainment, and salubrious escapism.

In this time of economic instability and insecurity when we can be made to feel like peons despite all we may have to contribute, when we are easily reminded of reprobate representatives of the lesser aspects of “civilization” in the daily news, and when destruction can temporarily overshadow restoration, this is the time we need to acknowledge those that progress our culture forward: artists, heroes, and healers.

Often these archetypes are hidden in the monotony of our quotidian routines, but really, they are wherever you find them. They are waiting to be discovered and inspire you. It may be within a siren’s voice through which heartache is relatable and helps you feel less alone. It may be in a book that makes you laugh in what would have been your darkest moment. It may be in a film that pulls you into a story when your own is less than inviting, but advances you to make a positive change. It may be that video game that lets you be the hero and save the day or safely be the villain when you just want to blow something up. It may be in a picture just meant to move you. And yes, Loves, graphic novels encompass it all. These are never a waste of time and are often better shared.

So here I am aspiring to share, a perspective, some hope. We’re not ‘Tards because we’re lacking. We are making what we want of our time whether or not it suits the speed of society’s standard and we’ll be better people for it.

Well, My Darling Literates, That’s a weight off my brain. As always, thank you for reading and even better would be if you share with me the media that incites you.

Cheers! Yay!


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