JD reviews Avenging Spider-Man 1!

Title: Avenging Spider-Man #1
Writer: Zeb Wells
Artist: Joe Madureira
Colorist: Ferran Daniel
Published by Marvel Comics
Reviewed by Johnny Destructo

I hate extraneous titles that are there simply to grab the cash out of my hands. Conversely, I love Spider-Man, a character they put in titles that he doesn’t need to be in simply to grab the cash out of my hands. He’s in ASM every month. He’s in FF. He’s in Ultimate Spider-Man, he’s in New Avengers, and now, he’s in yet another title: Avenging Spider-Man. I really, really, really wanted to hate this book solely on principle. “Another Spidey title? And now’s he’s…AVENGING? Really?” Yes, I know he’s an AVENGer, but still, it just sounds more like a 90’s Punisher title then a happy-go-lucky Spidey book. And Joe Mad? Sure, he’s wicked talented and shone bright over a decade ago, but his glorious return to comics back in Ultimates 3 was a muddy mess. Oh, and it also stars The Rulk. Yay. Nothing about this interested me. Until I read it.

Andsweetholyhell Ican’twaitforissue2! Yes, despite my lame preconceived notions, this issue really pulled me in. It’s action-packed, it’s funny and charming like a Spidey book should be, and is exquisitely illustrated by Joe Mad. Seriously, it’s ridiculous how beautiful this book is. It gave me an eye-rection. Whatever coloring issues bogged down the Ultimates 3 series…they are no longer a concern. This is a vibrant book filled with bright, eye-slapping colors. It’s a joy to look at. Even my usual distaste for inkless pencils doesn’t apply here. Mad’s pencils are sketchy, yes, but only when it’s appropriate. His outlines are so crisp, it almost looks inked.

Granted, this appears to be a Marvel Team-Up type book, which, if more recent attempts are any indication, means it probably won’t last long, but hot-diggity-damn it’s off to a great start. This issue has the Arachnerd teaming up with the Red Hulk (why? simply because Spidey needed a lift back to NYC) only to find that the city is being over-run by panicked, yellow Moloids. What are the ‘Loids there for? I don’t want to spoil anything, but it’s not exactly what you think. (I was actually sort of wondering how much this series ties into other recent Marvel books, since Green Hulk – Grulk? has been hanging with some Moloids over in his title, but thankfully, it appears to exist on it’s own).

If you like Spidey but are hesitant to buy yet another Spidey title, give this a shot. You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Kire says:

    Since the preview for this came out a few weeks ago we quote the Luke/Yoda/Boyfriend line constantly around here. I’m really glad the rest of it seems to live up to the first few pages. Also, I said it last week, but I’m glad some books are not taking themselves too seriously. I need more laughs in my day.

  2. JD (Host) says:

    haha yeah Zeb Wells always DID write some funny Spidey-words. Wait till you see the “Incoming” bit..

  3. kire says:

    Hannah read her FIRST Spider-man comic today. She is hooked on this book. Yeah, the incoming bit is priceless. As is, “Eat Lead, Bilbo”. I remember not liking Wells when he did the Spidey at the beach issues a few years back (w/ Mahfood). He got really good since then,

  4. JD (Host) says:

    WOAH, congrats Hannah-face! Did you give her Ultimate Spidey as well? That’s also really good, though not as much with the funny.

    I remember that Mahfood beach bit, it was ok, but this is great! He’s come a long way

  5. Kire says:

    I tried, but she really has no interest. She is not wowed by Spidey like we be wowed by Spidey. She is more of a Zatanna, Power Girl, Madame, Xanadu, and Claremont’s X-men kinda lady.

  6. jaydee says:

    yeah, I get it. I mean…i DON’T get it…but I get it.

  7. Derrick Fish says:

    I picked this up not expecting to like it either, and was pleasantly surprised! It was a really fun comic. Although, the only real point I would disagree with you on is purely subjective: I REALLY, REALLY wished this book had been inked. I found the lack of inks very visually distracting. In his ULTIMATES issues, I agree that it looked muddy, I prefer that more blended coloring approach as it at least concealed the sketchy pencil lines.

    But I’m just old school in that regard. One of the only times I thought “digital inks” has been really successful was with Ultimate X where the pencils actually WERE tight enough to be easily cleaned up and adjusted. In this case, it’s the only issue I have, but to be perfectly honest, it won’t keep me from picking up issue #2. Great read!

  8. jaydee says:

    Derrick: As an inker myself, I definitely HATE it when they go from pencils straight to colors, but for some reason it didn’t bother me as much here.

    I don’t even remember Ultimate X only being pencils..they must have done a really good job with that one!

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