JD is Trimming the Fat: DCnU Superman

I’ve always been a fair-weather fan of the big blue boy scout, only really getting into it occasionally. I count All-Star Superman (Grant Morrison/Frank Quietly) amongst the all-time best Superman stories, I liked Geoff John’s Secret Origin story with Gary Frank, and I really enjoyed Secret Identity by  Kurt Busiek and illustrated by Stuart Immonen, (which wasn’t *really* a Superman story at all). The point is, I’m not a guy who NEEDS to buy a comic featuring Superman every month, the way I am with Spider-Man, but ever since the DCU rebooted itself, I’ve been trying to buy as many of the new titles as I can in order to keep up with current events. And as a fan of comics in general, I’m always just LOOKING for more comics to love. Well, it’s time to start trimming the fat. There just isn’t room in my wallet for all these titles. Some of these titles needs to go.

Superman issues 1 and 2 were intelligently written and superbly illustrated to be sure. Jesus Merino draws the hell out of this book. It’s detailed, dynamic and looks the way I think a Superman book should look! I enjoyed sifting through the issues and seeing what was different in this new version of Supe’s story: Lois and Clark aren’t actually married, or even together anymore. Lois has a new beau in Jonathan Carroll (whether Jon is a new character or not eludes me, but I’m not sure I care. He’s just a cock-blocker for Clark, really.) Lois has been bumped up from newspaper reporter to Television news producer.

All these changes are about Clark Kent and his friends, though… not Superman. His only notable change has been his overly bulky armor and lack of underoos-over-tights look. And he’s a morose and somber sonovabitch. This book is just rife with inner monologues and dry, reporter-style writing. In the first issue, Superman goes up against a fire monster. In the second, he tangles with an invisible creature that can only be seen on camera. These ideas COULD have been awesome, but I just found myself waiting for something interesting to happen. As a side-note…for a relaunch boasting all new directions and all new ideas, it’s sort of strange that DC is using a LOT of the same old talent. The buzz is the George Perez has been booked (or chose to leave) this title, so maybe I’ll be more interested in the next writer’s take on the characher, but this book just doesn’t feel like it has any heart or passion behind it, and that’s why this book is getting the Jenny Craig treatment. Consider this fat trimmed!

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  1. Optimous Douche says:

    I can think of a shit ton of others I would kill first.

  2. Brian the Hutt says:

    Superman has had good stories?

  3. JD (Host) says:

    Douche: Sure there are others, but

    1. I JUST finished reading issue 2 and made my decision.

    2. This is one of DC’s flagship titles. This book should be earth-shatteringly good, and it’s barely enjoyable.

    What do you like about this title? Are you into it?

    Brian The Hutt: check out the stories I mentioned above. They are pretty AWESOME, which is what this series should be. I think, for me, Superman only works in small doses, like the Punisher.

  4. Dan O says:

    Action Comics is all the Superman I need. I read issue #1 of this series, but it didn’t hit me nearly the same way Action #1 did.

  5. JD (Host) says:

    Agreed, Dan. When Grant Morrison is on, Grant Morrison is ON!

  6. Bobby Kulb says:

    I think there should be ONE Superman title per month-80 pages- with ongoing Back-up features starring characters from the Superman Family on a rotating basis. Same with Batman. Maintain Brand integrity and don’t over-expose the characters. Comics need to be LONGER to capture the attention of kids who are accustomed to reading 800 Twilight & Harry Potter novels.

  7. Bobby Kulb says:

    800 Page*

  8. JD (Host) says:

    well now Bobby I’ll be honest. that seems like a TERRIBLE idea!
    800 pages is a LOT of trees.

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