JD advance reviews Terry Moore’s RACHEL RISING 3!

Title: Rachel Rising #3
Writer/Artist: Terry Moore
Publisher: Abstract Studio
Reviewed by Johnny Destructo

Terry Moore has perfected his art, his storytelling…you know what, he’s perfected the comic book. I loved Strangers In Paradise, so much so that I’ve repurchased many of the trades because I’ve never gotten them back after lending them to friends, converting them into readers. But I’ll be honest: every time I hand the first chunk  of books to people I insert the caveat “It starts off a little silly at first, but when it get’s going, you’ll love it.” I really enjoyed Echo, and used a similar warning when lending out the trades. Friends have said, “Yeah, I tried the first couple of issues, but got bored” and I’ve had to coax them a touch. “Stick with it, totally worth it by the end. It gets really interesting.” With this series, there is no caveat, there is only excellence.

Our protagonist Rachel, has indeed risen. From out of the ground, from out of the woods, from out of death. Her eyes are red and black (I *think*?) and she’s sporting a scar from the cause of her death around her throat. Make no mistake, this isn’t the sometimes cutesy Strangers In Paradise, or the Sci-Fi themed Echo. This is a horror/thriller/slasher comic, and it’s awesome. I’m only 3 issues in and I would already love to see a movie or show based on this, because it’s already so strong. I don’t want to spoil any of the first 3 issues because I KNOW that way too many of you aren’t reading this yet, but you should be. Just know that it has horror, the supernatural, a creepy child, what appears to be an anti-cupid, and murder. Lots of murder.

My ONLY complaint is that this series isn’t in color, and that’s only for clarification’s sake. I love Terry Moore’s crisp black and white art. Everything has a different texture, a different feel so there’s never any trouble with the depth-of-field, or telling things apart. Nothing ever bleeds together unless he means it to. it’s also loose enough to feel cartoony, while accurate enough to keep us in the real world. But as I stated above, I’m not entirely sure what her eyes are supposed to look like. I think they’re black and red, but I’m not entirely sure. Maybe even if it was done Sin City style where it’s black and white with one other color. But that’s a tiny complaint.

What else do you need to know? Rise off your ass and buy this book!


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  1. Kevin says:

    How do I not know about this series??!!? I must find the first 3 issues. Personally I got tired of tracking down various versions of the SiP trades and bought the Hardcover Omnibus when it came out. SO worth it.

  2. JD (Host) says:

    Dude, I WORK in a comic shop and I missed it. My store didn’t order any, they didn’t know that Moore had a new series out, and by the time I got them to order it, issue 2 was sold out…I actually had to track it down in NYCC by going directly to Terry’s booth. I know he has them for sale on his site though.

    SiP had a harcover omnibus??? With the entire series in it? That thing must be huge

  3. Kevin says:

    Yes, it is huge! The entire series in 2 books……. Plus another book of covers added in. I can not recall the page count, and I am far too fat and lazy to bother tromping up 2 flights of stairs at the moment to check. My wife’s Chicken Cordon Bleu Lasagna will do that to ya….. I badgered people at the shop ’til I was sure they had ordered me one. Badgered I tell you. Badgered.

  4. Bradley says:

    I was disappointed in Rachel Rising not being in color also, especially since some blogs tricked me into thinking that the series was in color. (like this one http://www.orgamesmic.com/rachel-rising ) But regardless, I really loved where the series headed, but got stale after a while.

  5. JD (Host) says:

    OK that’s really weird. The blog owner colored the book? Why? And the colors are very flat…so strange!


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