Kire reviews Wolverine and the X-Men #1

Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Bachalo/Townsend

This is the best f@#*ing first issue I have ever read.

I am tempted the leave the review here. Have it stand as a by-line for Marvel to put on the trade paperback and for Jason Aaron to quote from at his Eisner speech. But I won’t.

After the events of Schism, which are succinctly and humorously recapped in this issue, Wolverine and Kitty Pryde have decided to open the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning. As they, say, the best laid plans go up in smoke however as Wolverine and Kitty must defend the school from its first attack: the dreaded New York Department of Education. Accreditation is on the line and this fight is in the enemy’s favor.

Of course, along the way Aaron introduces us to the cast of students and faculty who wage not only the timeless war of authority, but of who ‘deserves’ to be educated. In a story choc-full-o’dialogue, new readers can finally get a brief overview of what the X-men have been up to since Claremont left in the 80s without all the filler and one-eyed Logans or white Beasts. Hell, the Shi’ar, Brood, and even fan-favorite Doop make returns. It is as if Aaron took everyone’s favorite X-men alumni and brought ‘em all back.


The art is amazing in a cartoonish way that fits the level of comedic play. The coloring is a bit fuzzy making some panels appear slightly off-printed, but the entire package is ultimately perfect. It is uncanny how this books managed to bring me back to my youth. Its so good it’ll astonish…you get where I’m going with the X-puns.

When you finish the actual tale, do spend some time looking over the course catalogue offered in the back.

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  1. jaydee says:

    I started writing a review for this, but my girlfriend demanded time with me. the first sentence of said review though was “DOOOOOP!”

    Didn’t Doop die awhile back? I forget.
    Anyway, the difference between this book and Aaron’s other #1 this week: Hulk, is astounding. It almost feels like while Aaron’s hands were typing Wolverine and the X-Men #1, his feet were typing Hulk #1.

    I think he nailed this one.
    Though you might want to look at “It’s so good it’ll astonish….you get”
    Did part of your sentence get cut off?

  2. Kire says:

    I thought about starting this the same way. Doop is a great character in the same way Lockheed is. Incidentally, Lockheed teaching a class in alien killing is absolutely inspired. This book is all that is cool in the X-Universe and is just a collection of really quotable lines. I feel Scott’s book is going to be much stiffer and serious.

  3. jaydee says:

    Hey Kire, This week’s podcast involved my fellow AICN ‘holes…and we discussed this issue…they all seemed to hate it, but I loved it..
    the eppy will be up either today or tomorrow..give it a listen and comment.

  4. jaydee says:

    PS. when you click “Notify me of follow comments vie e-mail” on this site…does that actually work for you?

  5. Kire says:

    I heard it. I didn’t get the sense they hated it but it was a change. No more so than Joss Wheddon’s approach to Wolverine. I still loved it. It was humerous. With all the serious ‘adultness’ of the DC relaunch it was nice to read a book that DIDN’T act like it was written by King Shit and the Awesomenauts.

    Aaron can write circles around most other writters and his X-universe is a fun read. Noone had to have sex or strip or run around pantless…there is even a slam to the forever pantless Emma. All in all it was a book my little cousins, two girls just getting into comics, can enjoy. It was what it was.
    Ps – read The Other Side by Aaron if you want a violent trek into Hell.

  6. erik says:

    no it doesn’t

  7. JD (Host) says:

    OOO The Other Side..I remember was his first book wasn’t it? About VietNam, I think?
    I’ll have to look into that.

    heh. King Shit and the Awesomenauts.

  8. kire says:

    Yeah KS & tA would be our band if you lived closer. We’d play garage rock tune about sung from the perspectives of really cool people.

  9. jaydee says:

    haha I’m IN! Move here and let’s do it!


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