JD Advance Reviews: Incredible Hulk #1!

Title: Incredible Hulk #1
Writer: Jason Aaron
Penciler: Marc Silvestri
Pencil Assists: Michael Broussard
Inkers: Joe Weems, Rick Basaldua, Sal Regla
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Reviewed by Johnny Destructo

I consider myself a fan of Jason Aaron, for sure. Even though I don’t always hang with every single thing he writes, the bits that I like, I LOVE. Like 16-year-old-dry-hump-till-I-blister kind of love. Punisher Max is one of my favorites and if you aren’t reading Scalped, you deserve to be taint-pummeled. Besides that, you have to admit, that Jason Aaron can grow a HELLuva beard. That thing is unnatural and potentially a gateway to a hell dimension, and it makes me afraid of him.

That said: there wasn’t much in here that I found myself really excited about. I’m afraid I’m going to spoil most of the happenings of this issue for you, so if you don’t want to know ANYthing about this book then skip to the better written reviews below. Now, I’m not going to spoil the end, since I thought that was pretty cool, but everything else is fair game. Be warned. Now, what is it I’m going to spoil? The Hulk fights some monsters. The Hulk has *finally* found himself a place where he can live in peace. Where he is no longer a freak. Where he no longer has to bother with pesky human bein – ohwaittheyfoundhim. Yup. The first 4th of the book: monster fighting. Second 4th of the book, being content, but not believing that he’ll be content for long. Third 4th: humans show up and literally fight him for no reason other than getting him to take them seriously. They couldn’t just walk up and say “Hulk, we need your help.” Instead they attack him and make him mad and THEN say “Hulk, we need your help.” Buh-whaaa? Granted, it ends on a mysterious and interesting note, which makes me curious about issue 2, but I think it would have been better served if the first 3/4 of the book wasn’t just a smattering of Hulk clich├ęs.

And why did it take 5 people to draw this book? It took 2 pencilers, 3 inkers and THEN it went to the colorist. I’m always curious about the behind-the-scenes of something like this. The issue feels rushed, and the amount of people involved doesn’t help that notion. It looks nice enough, in a sketchy kind of way, but absolutely everything is drawn with the same lines. Scaly exterior of an underground monster, drawn the same as the soft, wet, fleshy interior of that monster’s mouth, drawn the same as the rocky caverns that serve as the setting, and the robots that show up to fight the Hulk. Everything is made up of so many individual lines and so much cross-hatching, it all looks like it’s made of hay. Except the Amanda Von Doom’s butt. That looks like a butt.

I have enough faith in Jason Aaron that I’m not so worried about where this is all going, I’m definitely going to check out issue #2, but I just wish I had a better experience with #1.

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  1. brian_the_hutt says:

    I can’t decide if I want to pick this up. I love Aaron. However I can count the good hulk stories I have read on one hand

  2. JD (Host) says:

    I’m with you on the Hulk thing, Bri…
    I don’t even think I can FILL up a hand with the Hulk stories that I love.

    I think he’s much better used as a character in other books..
    I think he’s too much of a one-note character to be interesting for all that long.

    No offense to the Hulk fans!

  3. kire says:

    Picking up and reviewing Aaron’s Wolverine book tomorrow. This I can’t wait for. Marvel really does have the strongest writting staff. Granted it is only four people.

  4. Brian_the_hutt says:

    Some of the best hulk stories are the ones where it is only banner and no hulk. I feel like there was a Jeff loeb line in 2003…? That was pretty amazing.

  5. JD (Host) says:

    Kire: Wolverine and the X-men was awesome and hilarious. Much better than Hulk.

  6. jaydee says:

    oh man, I remember when Loeb’s name was a much bigger name in comics.

    i used to really enjoy his work, but I can’t really bring myself to check his stuff out anymore.

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