Flannel Guy Partakes in some Paranormal Activities

I remember when I first heard about this Paranormal Activity, it was a hard find. It was a low budget horror flick, that was sure to give you the chills and jump factor that God intended for scary movies. My buddy and I tracked it down where we found it playing at the Ritz Theater. And like word of mouth, this movie creeped the bezeebus outta me. Loved every second of it.

So being so low budget and making crap loads of money, we got ourselves a sequel. Same format. Same concept. I didn’t know how they could possibly do it, but they did. And when that movie did so well….THEY DID IT AGAIN!

So before my review…and yes, spoiler free, I have to give props to these guys. All three have managed to make me jump, be the blackest white guy with the “Oh My Gawds!” and blow away my expectations with the scares. And they get them out on time! Unlike Saw, these pay off. Well worth my 11 bucks. I’m a firm believer lower the budget, the crappier the picture, the scarier the flick. Movies from the 70’s and 80’s were WAY more scary than today. HD just takes away from the mystique and suspense. Scream will never be better than Prom Night. Story wise, yeah, but scarier….not a chance. And don’t get me started on 3D and horror. Ugh. Ugh Ughiddy Ugh Ugh!

So I’ll say very little. Hush Hush. Goods and the Bads without Spoiling anything.

This flick is short. For a movie being 11 bucks, I kinda want to get my moneys worth. I think 2 hours is fair. I wanted more!

Kinda feels like, ok, I’ve seen this before. Familair territory. A curious guy who bites on more than he can chew with a camera.

Hard to believe no matter how bad things get, they’d still film this. I’d be getting the eff outta Dodge by the time my door slammed shut on its own.

I feel pressured to spot what doesn’t belong. Sometimes I heard someone screaming  in the theater and I was like, wait, what? You really have to find Waldo in this movie. Or Toby in this case.

Part of what was bad about this, was actually very good. Yes, this flick was short, but VERY much unlike the 2nd one, that’s a good call. This was paced very well. Very little lagging time. I was hardly ever bored.

This movie ups the anti. BIG TIME. These films really know how to make me fear the kitchen or my bedroom. I may be a puss, but I left with chills. I came home with a mind wondering a thousand miles a second…is my door gonna slam on its own, are my sheets going to come off the bed while I’m a sleep…is my girlfriend going to be hovering over me while I sleep for 2 hours??!?!?

Even with trailers, you haven’t seen anything yet! Unlike comedies,they did not show the best stuff in the trailer. So no worries.

All in all, this was NOT the best of the three, but it may have been the scariest, which come on, is most important. I want a 4th. Yeah, I say keep it going. And how could they do a fourth? Well, they could just find a new family, yeah OR…

The best part of these flicks, the films take place in the past. So they could take off from the 2nd one, which took place in 2005? The girl who got away could be in college by now. In a Sorority where a punch of Frats and Sisters toy with the demon in the Frat House. Maybe she’s haunted by her little brother and step aunt? And yeah, Campuses have cameras. College students take film courses and they could make this one a tad higher def and professional. Oh I could just see it, “You just added special effects. THat’s not real!”

There you go. PA 4. Now pay me money! But first, pay money and see this just in time for Halloween! BOO!

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  1. Part of what was bad about this, was actually very good. haha… you are confused or what. To me this movie is not as scary as I expected. it lacks of the horror spots

  2. FlannelGuy says:

    What I meant was it was short, which sucked, but if it meant getting to the point and no lag time, then I’ll take the good with the bad. It was 84 Minutes long. Felt too short. Maybe my only complaint next to the commercials vs the actual flick another good with the bad.

  3. JD (Host) says:

    as with the other 2, I really enjoyed the experience in the theater and laughed and jumped and had a great time, and then came home and watched a comedy to make myself feel better and then got in bed….and tossed and turned ALL NIGHT. I didn’t sleep very well AT ALL. There’s something about these movies that speak to the little kid in me that is scared of the dark.

    Extremely effective film. I still think the 2nd was the creepiest, but this one was pretty rad too!

  4. FlannelGuy says:

    You’re right. There is something nostalgic about this film and the days of watching Poltergeist as a toddler. Especially when a movie involves children and possessions, that scares the snot out of me. Just imagining myself as a kid and being gripped by an invisible demon….yeah, I’d wet myself.

    I’m tellin’ ya, these movies are effective because of the way they’re filmed with low quality cameras and actors no one has ever heard of.

    As for how I’d order them in turns of scare factor and story: 1, 3 then 2. When I first saw it and Katie got drug out of bed down the hall, that just gave me goosebumps down my spine. Plus the foot prints & shadow. Still scary in the others, but not as effective.

    This one, well, when they get to the grandma’s house, it’s almost a non-stop creep fest.

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