If a Hulk Falls in the Woods.. and no one gives a crap…?

By JD!
(Mild Spoilers Ahead)

So about 6 issues after Red Hulk appeared, I decided I no longer gave a flimflam who he was.  I know that Bruce can’t turn into the Hulk anymore, Leonard Sampson seems to be bad these days, there’s a Red She-Hulk running around and General Thunderbolt Ross is dead. Oh and Betty is alive?? This is all I knew before coming in on FALL OF THE HULKS week one. Unsure of which one to start reading first, I took a look at the inside first page and it seemed to indicate with a little arrow that Hulk #19 is the one to begin with. LIES, I tell you! Deceit! Fibberpants!
But anyhoo, this story was pretty basic. Some evil jerkynuts decide to start taking out the 8 smartest people on earth, starting with…you guessed it (or did you? did you even try to guess? I have no way of knowing..cause ..you know..this is a blog.) Reed Richards and his Fantastical Four.  And you know what? I don’t care. I have such a hard time caring about the current Hulk sitch in Marvel. And the featured villians in this issue are: Wizard, Klaw, Lyra and Trapster (previously known, amazingly, as Paste Pot Pete)… and so I found little to care about in this issue besides Ed McGuiness’ art, which was, as usual, pretty great. Though his Thing looks alot more like an Art Adams Thing then a McGuiness Thing. I hoped that while I didn’t care too much of this issue, maybe things would ramp up in the second issue of the week:

Incredible Hulk #606.

My first thought when I finished this issue was “What the Bleep?” and yes, I said “bleep”. (That reminds me. If you want something infinitely more entertaining to do right now then read this review, look for a podcast called YODA AND ME. It’s awesome.) This issue, first of, all apparently DOESN’T take place after Hulk #19, since Reed an the FF are in a parade, having no mention of…you know..Reed having BEEN KIDNAPPED in the previous issue. So there’s that. Annoying. The whole issue just follows Banner as he teleports from place to place, which would be fine, if only it didn’t read like someone flipping channels on a Television. Also: who the hell DOESN’T have a friggin’ Life Model Decoy of themselves floating around? Jeebus! Seriously. I think there’s even one of ME frolicking about out there in the Marvel U, preferably getting some from the newly single Mary Jane Watson.  Again the most positive thing I have to say about this issue is the art by Paul Pelletier who seems to have gotten a lot more gritty since last I’ve seen him, and the colors ain’t too shabby either.
As for the story so far, however, I’m basically just slogging through it in the hopes that something important or interesting might happen.

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