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Title: Legion of Monsters #1
Writer: Dennis Hopeless
Artist: Juan Doe
Colorist: Wil Quintana
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Reviewed by Johnny Destructo


I’ll be honest: I didn’t expect to give a rat’s, or for that matter, any other creature’s ass about this book. But hey, Skottie Young cover. Oh, waitaminnut. That’s not Scottie. That’s Juan Doe. Whups..but…oh hey! Isn’t that Elsa Bloodstone, from Nextwave? Sweet sassy molassy, yes it is. And thus, my decision was made. You may be tempted to skip over this book, as I almost did, but don’t. This was an extremely funny and engaging romp! Think Ghost Busters meets the underground Mutant city of Old New York from Futurama combined with the intelligence of the crew from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and you have Legion of Monsters, basically the “Monster Police” of Monter Metropolis. Yes. Monster Metropolis. Why NOT? If you can’t get over a setting like Monster Metropolis, than this series probably isn’t for you. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and is all the better for it. Even Morbius, who is usually supposed to be a serious character, has a humorous edge here. Dennis Hopeless sure does make with the funny. It’s not as ridiculous as Warren Ellis’ Nextwave, but it’s a fine follow-up for dear Elsa and her neck-crushing mop of ponytailed hair.


The art by Juan Doe is absolutely perfect for this title, with it’s loose and stylistic brushwork and splatter. It’s creepy yet cartoony and does a great service to the story. He does make one grievous mistake though, that I cannot abide. The man-shaped puddle of other-dimensional goo known as The Dimensional Man is seen eating from a box of Monsta’ Flakes, but the cereal itself is obviously Monsta’ O’s. Juan needs to do more thorough research on his Monsta’-branded breakfast cereals. The colorist Will Quintana does a great job here as well, lovingly laying layers of textures over his flats.


This is a really great start to what looks to be a fun 4 issue mini-series. Perfect for monster-lovin’ lovers of monsters!

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  1. Grim_Noir says:

    I LOVED Warren Ellis’ Nextwave! I will hafta add this to my ever-swelling list of “Things I Want When It Comes Out In Trade Paperback”…

    BTW, anybody know the ethnic derrivation of the last name “Hopeless” …?

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