Advance Review: SUPERIOR #5!

 Title: Superior #5
Writer: Mark Millar
Penciler: Leinil Yu
Inker: Gerry Alanguilan
Colorist: Sunny Gho
Publisher: Icon
Reviewed by Johnny Destructo

Well, ain’t that always the way? A dame has plans on smearing her ladystorm all over your mantown and a damn SatanMonkey cock-blocks you.

Oh hey, remember that Alex Ross Superman story, wherein Supes tries to end world hunger, but fails and gives up, using the ole “teach a man to fish” line (and then DOESN’T teach anyone to fish and instead goes home and cracks open a cold one)? I do. And I thought it was filled to the brim with B.S.-itude. What I like about this issue is that Mark Millar does the opposite. Superior makes it his business to help out the world and then…does it. Quickly. There’s also a great bit in here where he is repaid for all his hard work, and it’s awesome. Millar never forgets that under his sturdy super-hero exterior, Simon Pooni is just a kid. Comic books are generally considered “wish-fulfillment” tales, but this one takes it literally and give Simon every wish he can think up. Super-powers: Check. Save the world: Yerp. Getting rewarded by doing anything he ever wanted? You betcha. This is the world’s greatest Make-A-Wish tale. But it all has to end sometime, and Simon’s 7 days are almost up.

Here’s the thing about Ormon, the previously aforementioned SatanMonkey. I wish the big devilishly delicious reveal was in THIS issue and not at the end of issue #4. The end here would be far more effective in that regard, but has it’s Vas Deferens snipped by the fact that it isn’t at all a surprise. We KNOW that Ormon is a monkey with cloven paws and that some shit is gonna go down. What SHOULD have been an “Awwwwshit” moment, is just an “Awwwwshucks” moment. This is an interesting turn of events either way, and it left me curious as to how it’s going to resolve. Our son Simon has himself a choice to make, and it ISN’T going to be easy, if the next issue’s cover is any indication.

This was, all-in-all, a solid issue with the usual solid art by Leinil Yu. However, I still can’t get into Sunno Gho’s colors due to that 1 pt. stroke of a darker color that he leaves on each of his color layers. Photoshoppy paint-by-numbers, blargh. And good god, colorists everywhere: please stop coloring the under-lid that Yu puts on each of his character’s eyes BRIGHT RED! It makes everyone look disease-ridden. I keep expecting the characters to start bleeding and oozing puss from their eyeholes. It’s gross. I do have to give it up to Millar’s cover designer. I love how each of the MillarWorld books has the same look and feel. It gives his books a uniform feel  that is needed on the shelves.

Do you like words and drawings? This book has those things! Buy it!


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  1. Brian the Hutt says:

    I hate the under eye lid thing!!! I keep itching my eye thinking they are giving me pink eye

  2. kire says:

    Had zero interest in this book UNTIL you reviewed. Now I have to buy it. This looks pretty fantastic

  3. JD (Host) says:

    @Brian the hutt: THANK YOU! I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks “conjunctivitis” when I see his art!

    @kire: This book is Big meet DC’s Shazam…do you like Mark Millar?

  4. kire says:

    y’know, I do. I could really not be bothered by the whole Kick-Ass phenom, but his DC work was great as well as the Wildstorm stuff.

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