Confused? JD quickly explains Flashpoint and
the New DC Universe!

So, a friend of mine hit me up on FB to ask me questions about the DCnU…and as I was explaining it to him, it occurred to me: isn’t the POINT of the New DC Universe so that people wouldn’t have to EXPLAIN the new DC Universe? Come on, at least not AS IT’S STARTING.

See what I mean? It’s a reboot to get NEW readers. Why the hell is it so confusing. I still say they should have just gone with a straightforward, hard reboot. What say you?

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the New DC Universe!”

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  1. Kire says:

    I couldn’t agree more. An issue #1 is just that a FIRST issue, there should be no need for prior knowledge. This whole thing is less a reboot and more an obvious, if not awkward and (overall) poorly constructed publicity stunt for their digital comic/barnes & noble entry. I wonder how many people (not even titles) will be around for issue 5 that weren’t there in the old timeline.

    Frankly I though Flashpoint was way more interesting than any of this and would have loved to see that become the new DCU.

  2. JD (Host) says:

    Wow, really? I found the Flashpoint world boring as all get-out…but maybe just because I knew it was all going to be wiped out in 5 issues…well, really…44 issues.

    But you can’t really have a universe where Aquaman murdered all those people and so forth..not as the MAIN universe anyway…maybe a DC Ultimate type universe though..

  3. kire says:

    See, I think if you hype a relaunch and go to the origins, etc. there should be no past knowledge necessary – no allusions to being ex-Teen Titan, no connections to previous mini-series, or any such crap.

    Why not have a universe like that? Why not an Aquaman who doesn’t suck, a Wonder Woman whose agenda is so damn radical, or a Batman with a difference. The joker cutting off his face, exploding babies, 3 page sex scenes, or what ever the hell Red Hood was supposed to be is not rebooting. It is adding HBO level sex and violence to cater to a very small crowd. Hell, if that level of violence is going to occur, have a stake in it – make it mean something. Imagine a war against Aquaman. Its something I wish Marvel would do with Namor. Imagine how pissed he must be everytime Supes dumps a missle in the ocean or some poisoned water in Gotham ends up flowing into the Atlantic. Currently the voilence and sex adds nothing to any story and exists so people like us talk about it. I still maintain there is going to be a mass cancelation of books after 5 – 10 issues. I’m still taking bets.

  4. optimous douche says:

    See though, past knowledge really isn’t necessary. Uncle Dunk isn’t a new reader he’s more of a lapsed reader.

    Lapsed readers will definitely need a primer of some ilk. New readers really can just jump on board IMHO.

  5. jaydee says:

    Really, Optimous? I might agree with some of the books…but issues like Green Lantern 1?

    I also have had to explain to MANY people that JL and Action both take place 5 years ago and everything else is current. They should have found a way to express that a little more clearly, if you ask me….which you didn’t.


    And KIRE: absolutely! I LOVE Marvel's Ultimate U because of all the changes that have been going on! Reed is EVIL! Shit like that.

    I would also love an Ultimate DC line where they mess with the character's some more and REALLY toss stuff on it's ear. Making characters more slutty doesn't make them different.

    But I don't want this to read like I'm not enjoying DCnU…for the most part, I'm loving it!

  6. optimous douche says:

    I can’t give you Green Lantern 1. The exposition is there. Now NEW GUARDIANS, hells yes, even with past knowledge I still wondered what I was reading and why…but…but…but

    DC wanted to build a universe that was new, but did not completely ostracize the current fanbase, GREEN LANTERN, BATMAN (some of the titles), those are for us, those that have been reading forever.

    They never said it was a complete reboot of everything, all they really promised was that the books would be renumbered and it would be “new.”

  7. Flannel Guy says:

    There’s a lot of things I don’t think the world will ever know. How many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll Center of a Tootsie Pop? Is there a God? How far does the Universe stretch? And now…how can we explain the complexity that is the “DCnU”?

    I think the bottom line was only 2 titles were really making ends meat at DC. Batman and Green Lantern. Two books that have had a number of successful cross overs and big events over the last few years. Also, let’s not forget, whether good or bad, live action films. I could understand why maybe DC didn’t want to do an overhaul for these 2 characters. Hell, maybe that’s why they were front and center for JLA #1.

    But I’m not going to beat myself in the head to figure it out. The woman in the hoodie may explain why. I do believe this is to stay. I don’t think DC is going to just revert everything back to the way it was. How stupid would they look?

    The only thing I could see DC maybe doing is where the old universe is an Elseworld Universe and do mini trades of what we once knew. Tie up those loose ends. Yeah, JD, I agree. They should have maybe just done an Ultimate line, but look how that turned out. The Boy Wonder Series barely got as far as it did. No word if Geoff Johns & Gary Frank are even doing that Batman Year One Book. That Superman Year One they just launched now seemed like a waste.

    I think they ditched a lot of stuff in the works and just went forward with this. And yeah, did a half ass job explaining everything, but from what I’m gathering…especially from JD…they’re doing a great job at least telling solid stories.

  8. Bobby Kulb says:

    This is a really good capsule explanation of this dcnu fiasco. The Robin-as-intern thing is dumb.
    Also the JLA 5 years in the past thing is needlessly confusing. Why not just give them a break and make the inevitable big summer event next year about their formation?
    I champion Erik Larsen’s idea of making fewer titles with LONGER page counts. Did we really need To relaunch EVERY Batman & Superman book in the same month?

    If they decided to keep the new additions to the Batman & Green Lantern mythology why not take this opportunity to adapt it so that those things have been gradually introduced throughout that character’s backstory? For billions of years there was just the green lantern corps, then over the course of a particularly eventful month there where half a dozen other multicolor corps? Why not fix that so things happened gradually in the backstory ?

    .. What o really need is someone to explain what the he’ll is going on with Ulitmate X-Men to me- I picked it up in the first issue and I’m completely lost having never read the ultimate incarnation of the xmen before.

  9. jaydee says:

    Flannel Guy: Well said. It’s just a shame that the new continuity is even MORE confusing than the OLD continuity. But like you say, as long as the stories are solid, it’s a small gripe. I thought ALL STAR SUPERMAN was amazing, but ALL STAR BATMAN AND ROBIN was ass-grapes. I don’t know what ass-grapes are but it’s not GOOD. Apparently the All Star Batman and Robin has been shelved for now so that they could concentrate on this reboot. Which is fine, because while that book LOOKED amazing, it read like…well…ass-grapes, which are bad.

  10. jaydee says:

    Bobby: What are your questions about ULT X-MEN?
    I will school you some learnin’s

    But maybe this will answer your questions:

    After Ultimatum, a LOT of stuff is different.

    – Jean Grey is dying her hair black and going under a different name: Karen Grant
    – She’s travelling with a new Angel: Derek Morgan, A new Wolverine (Logan’s Son Jimmy Hudson), Liz Allen from Ult Spidey, who turned out to be a mutant..I think she’s Ultimate FireStar.
    – Kitty Pryde is now going under the name The Shroud and has that creepy red-hooded get-up and is able to not only phase through things but can also make herself super-dense and punch the hell out of stuff. In Ultimate Fallout, she meets up with Johnny Storm and Ice Man, who WERE living with Peter and Aunt May, but left the house after Peter died, and Kitty offered to let them live with her in the old Morlocks hideout underground if they promised to stop being super-heroes, as she’s over that part of her life.

    It turns out that Mutants aren’t the next level in evolution. As per ULTIMATE ORIGIN, Mutants were really created by the government.

    I think that sums it up? Let me know if you have other questions, sir!

  11. Bobby Kulb says:

    Thanks for the clarification in regards to the U X-Men. I guess my problem is that I didn’t read Ultimatum -except for the last issue cause my nearby comic shop was giving it away for free -so it was hard to tell what was going on.

    I assume from a reference in New Ultimate Spidey that Magneto blew up manhattan and since Professor X wasn’t in the first issue of Ultimate X-men maybe he perished trying to stop him? These are just guesses.

    It’s really fascinating that the poles of political/philosophical power in the mutant world have now shifted from the all male “Martin Luther King/Malcolm X” paradigm of Xavier & Magneto to something new with Jean Grey & Kitty Pride at odds-two opposing matriarchal perspectives- that will be really interesting to see play out. What a great idea- I wish they did this stuff in the 616.

  12. optimous douche says:

    We have confirmation from DC. BATMAN EARTH ONE is still ago according to Johns and I saw some of Shane Davis’ pencils first-hand for SUPERMAN EARTH ONE: Vol 2. and I also pestered JMS to get confirmation that he did script the bad boy to completion.

    So, this means we still have our 52 universes and will still see the fruition of the long promised Multiversity by Morrison.

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