Muffin-tops and Goths: Wet Moon Book 1

by JayDee!

I am not, despite what my high school bullies may have thought, a 15 year old girl. I am also not goth, though I suppose I may have dabbled a bit while settling myself into the punk subculture. I’ve always been more about expressing my anger and humor through music then wallowing in sadness and writing in my journal. For these reasons, I’m not totally able to enjoy the characters in this series. There are aspects that I can definitely relate to, like going to art school, hanging out with my reject friends, having fairly mundane conversations about the most trivial of things that seem to mean the world to us. For THESE reasons, I made it through this edition and will be checking out the next one, at least. But whatever pros or cons I may be struggling with in regards to the story, I’m not having any bit of inner turmoil just staring at the art in this book.

The art by Ross Campbell is every beautiful girl that I glance at out of the corner of my eye, but am too chicken-shit to talk to, and so when our eyes meet I quickly look away nervously, not wanting to make her feel uncomfortable. Thankfully this book can’t feel uncomfortable, otherwise it would probably issue a restraining order against me just for staring so damn much. And don’t get me wrong, it isn’t because the characters in the book are drawn as overly sexy. Most of the characters are either lanky and awkward or pudgy and walking around with their muffin-tops hanging over their studded belts.  But everything is so beautifully rendered with such a seductive line that it’s just so damn enrapturing.

Book One captures the feeling of being just out of high school and wandering your way into college and all the drama that entails, which is great since that’s what the story is about, so far. But it’s also part of the problem. So far the story has yet to really capture my attention in any other way but tapping into my nostalgia for entering art school. I’m hoping that volume two really gets into the meat of the story and drags me along for the ride.

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