Wonder Woman #1 reviewed!

Title: Wonder Woman #1
Writer: Brian Azzarello
Artist: Cliff Chiang
Colors: Matthew Wilson

Amidst the myriad of Wonder Women that have populated the DC Universe since her inception, my fave has to be the Diana from Darwyn Cooke’s New Frontier. She wasn’t on the take as far as guff was concerned and her stature promised as much. I have rarely enjoyed Diana as a character in her own book though. Sadly, other than trying to find different constellations on her bloomers, ole’ star-panties never entertained me as a character for more than a couple issues at a time.

My curiosity was piqued when Cliff Chiang told me that there would be a horror twist to this book, as I lerv me some horror. It seemed an interesting choice to make, considering the high-profile nature of the character. I’m actually in the middle of creating a Wonder Woman piece for a 5 year old girl to put on her wall, because she loves WW so much. That makes me feel torn, because like several other titles of the “New 52”, this book is NOT for the young’ins. A character gets pretty brutally gut-shot with an arrow. There’s a scene that mixes something from The Godfather, with John Carpenter’s The Thing. All we’re missing here is nudity, or at least a dollop of side-boob.

And listen…err..read, I guess: I like legs as much as the next guy…or any lady-parts for that matter, but I have to say I was a little impressed with the fact that DC was gonna be covering up nU-Diana with some J’eggings (jean-leggings for those less in the know.) Not because I hate looking at her legs, but because I see woman after woman come into my shop and snicker at the panty-shots all over the shelves and I’m not just referring to the self-shot Polaroids I leave lying around. And the bikini bottoms are just impractical for Diana. I mean come on! How much spray-adhesive does she have to use to keep her labia from attacking innocent by-standers every time she does a roundhouse kick? Other than that, though, I do like the modernized take on her stripper outfit. The bracelets finally look like more than just aluminum foil around her wrists and her corset looks pretty bad-ass.

I was also very curious with regards to the writer! Brian Azzarello? Sure he can be great. But his Batman: Broken City, in which Bats actually does 100 Bullets-esque word-play and…flirts with a female suspect? His Superman: For Tomorrow run with Jim Lee? NOT his best work, I’ll be honest. Thank Hera this work is way beyond that stuff and doesn’t get bogged down with overly clever word-mazes. There’s actually a lovely balance between being just wordy enough and going mute to let the art do the heavy lifting.

And let me tell you, Cliff Chiang’s art does said heavy lifting with nary a grunt. He handles suspense, gore, and action all with aplomb. His line-work is loose enough to avoid being static, and yet maintains a confident line.

If you’re curious as to the plot: it revolves mostly around a power play between some mythical beings for possession of a young woman named Zola. Magical teleportation key this, Wonder Woman that, horse-people and three bimbo oracles. That’s all you’ll get, but believe me, it’s good. Even if you haven’t been a WW fan in the past, pants or not, this one is a bad mamma-jamma.

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  1. Jim Jam says:


  2. Jeff Wooten says:

    Thanks for the review! The creative team first caught my eye when this whole relaunch news first broke, and then I started hearing about it being more of a horror comic. Reading your review has actually made me eager to read a WW comic for the first time in a long, long (even longer, longer) time.

  3. Todd P. Emerson says:

    ‎”She wasn’t on the take as far as guff was concerned…” Awesome. 😉

  4. Kire says:

    I can’t wait for this book. I love Azz/Chiang’s work on the allegorical Doctor 13. Chiang has a Mike Allred quality to his writing that doesn’t overpower with comparisons.

  5. jaydee says:

    DOCTOR 13 you say? Uh Buh? Never hoid of it. I bought a great set of postcards off of Chiang where he was doing 80’s posters, starring comic characters. friggin’ awesome. And he’s a really nice guy.

    Teen Titans Breakfast Club: http://www.cliffchiang.com/2009/08/07/dont-you-forget-about-me/

    Batgirl Purple Rain: http://worldfamousdesignjunkies.com/experimental/batgirl-is-now-prince/

  6. jaydee says:

    Wha? Doctor 13? Never heard of it. I just recently bought Cliff Chiang’s postcard set that has 80’s posters featuring comic characters..



  7. jaydee says:

    Wha? Doctor 13? Never heard of it. I just recently bought Cliff Chiang’s postcard set that has 80’s posters featuring comic characters like Purple Rain featuring Batgirl and Breakfast Club featuring Teen Titans

  8. Kire says:

    Yeah, it was a deconstruction of the Grand Design for DC. Basically it read like an LSD trip illustrated with as much abandon. Full of inside jokes, it was a great look a deconstructing comics and quickly spiralled out of control. Good fun! Apparently he is in Flashpoint and his daughter is a member of HIVE – remember how they were the Teen Titans’ version of COBRA?

  9. Kire says:


    Apparently I,Vampire was also in the series. This, of course, makes me realize HOW deep DC had to dig to get 52 titles. Oh why didn’t they make new characters?

  10. Tom says:


    Am I some sort of fool? I didn’t really dig this book at all.

    I guess I’ll…give it another read. Hrmmm.

  11. Jaydee says:

    Tom, what didn’t you enjoy about it? Do tell!

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