Quickshot review: Green Lantern #1
by Johnny Destructo

The War Of The Green Lanterns really had me spooked there for a second, but OH thank OA, Green Lantern is interesting again! Up is down, left is right! Sinestro is Green Lantern. When Sinestro got the ring at the end of the last series, it felt rushed and a bit of a marketing ploy, but Johns does it again, damnit. He makes something that should feel cheap and silly pretty bad-ass and interesting. And I love how Hal is treating his old GL ring like an ex-girlfriend, trying to reconcile how he lost it, what he did wrong, how it could be with another man, so on and so forth. Just simple but brilliant stuff. Another approach that impressed me was that Hal has been away for months, essentially fighting a war. And what happens when a soldier comes back from war? He has to work at fitting in to normal life again, adjust to being able to have normal conversations with people. I love that he’s struggling with this. My one complaint is that the GL from Justice League just doesn’t feel anything like this Hal at all. This is the Hal we new from a month ago, not the “NEW 52” Hal. But you know what? I liked our old Hal just fine anyway!

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by Johnny Destructo”

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  1. FlannelGuy says:

    Though I have yet to read it, I feel a lot of our characters portrayed in the Justice League book won’t be the same as we know them today. Especially Hal. I think it’s all just an intimidation game and who has the biggest stick. Hell, it might take a Wonder Woman to break them of this.

    And from covers to the end of #1, not all our heroes seem like they’re going to play nice at first. Like I’m sure Barry is going to make sure he’s the fastest, Batman is going to be distant, Hal cocky, Arthur brooding, Supes a know it all and Wonder Woman..well…a mother like figure.

    Vic will some how play into how they get along or bind them together I’m sure. I mean the guy was what? A quarterback for his high school football? So we’ll see how that plays into his place on the Justice League.

    In any case, I’m glad Johns made all the GL goodness still relevant. THAT would have pissed me and I’m sure A LOT of fans off. Just explain Parallax and Kyle’s intro and I’m all good!

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