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You know how in some movies or stories the hero has to decide whether to save his girlfriend or risk her life to save millions? Well, that’s what DC Comics is to me and it all started with risking the Flash….and the Flash risking his mom for the DcnU….

Once upon a time, there was a Flash named Wally West and a sidekick named Impulse. And they were the fastest speedsters in all the land. There were speed forces, numeric equations and just fun, adventurous stories by Mark Waid. But that didn’t last too long…and the Flash began to lose his spark. Impulse was canceled. And once again, I was left without a hero to give a damn.

Then I read in a Wizard Magazine…yes, when Wizard was still in print, how this newcomer Geoff Johns was getting our boy Wally back up to speed (yes, I use a lot of puns in my reviews a lot). He got him his secret identity back, gave him some bad ass Rogues and eventually, made my beloved Impulse….Kid Flash. AWESOME!

But alas….Geoff Johns had moved on to other stuff…and slowly….but surely…Flashes were changed, killed, had kids, got canceled…and then….a return. But not one, but two returns! Geoff Johns is returning to Flash and he’s bringing Barry Allen into the mix! Yeaaaa……ok?

Barry Allen? Wait? That’s not Wally West. I like Wally West!  I want answers! Why????

That’s when DC announced Flash Rebirth with Green Lantern Rebirth duo, Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver. Alright. I can get used to Barry. I loved what they did with Hal Jordan….so let’s see how this plays out.

And I read how they were going to fix everything so the Flash Family would be normal, make sense in DC and have the Flash be a top player in the Justice League. Which, in some ways, they did. SPOILER KINDA SORTA but if you didn’t read Rebirth….then by now, you’re kinda effed anyway. BUT Zoom returned as the Reverse Flash just as Barry returned as The Flash. Max Mercury was back from the speed force….I guess to watch over Bart again. Wally’s kids (who everyone hated anyway), were both de-powered, then one was re-powered as the new Impulse and they all ran together to stop Zoom. Badda Bing, Badda Boom. Happy endings.

There was hints and tidbits of things to come after Rebirth…and feel DC kinda thought we forgot about it. Like how Zoom told Wally one of his kids…cough cough…Jai….cough would turn on him. Cave drawings of a bunch of Zooms.And some other stuff that doesn’t come to mind right now. BUT Wally West was still a Flash, but runnin’ with the Titans. Bart Allen was a kid again and rockin’ the Teen Titans as Kid Flash. Jay was with JSA. And Barry, well, he had his own title. SUPER SIGH OF RELIEF.

Then the Flash series was released. FINALLY! Since Rebirth took forever to get released and  Blackest Night was wrapping up, the regular series was kinda on hold. But when Flash #1 came out…Johns, like perusal, gave us a glimpse of this Flash event called Flashpoint coming in 2011. Wow! Flash is not only back. Kid Flash is not only back. But like Green Lantern, Flash is getting his OWN EVENT. SPEC-TACULAR.

But not so much…because before issue 3 of Flashpoint, rumors spread and pics were released….after Flashpoint, DC was going to relaunch. New #1’s. Renumbered comics. New costumes. Ru-oh.

Now I opened this up saying how DC are heroes, rambled on about Flash stuff and now, am getting to this relaunch. How unorganized is this post??? Well….not really. I kind of wanted to remind Destructo and you PopTards that I didn’t suffer the time change that is Flashpoint. Like Barry, I remember what once was and what was intended. And I wonder what was supposed to be of the Flash and when did they scrap all that for the greater good of comics and DC?

My thoughts. Ethan Van Sciver got sick and needed treatment. Rebirth got backed up because of that. And everything they planned took too long, numbers were bad and one night, counting sheep, Geoff Johns figured how they could save DC and the Flash altogether.

So how do I feel about all this? Disappointed? Yes. But very little. It’s not like they delivered all these plans and then halfway said eff it. They just jumped ahead of the game and hoped some of us forgot. And no, this isn’t the first time DC did this with the Flash. When both Wally and Waid returned, there were hints of things to come, like a Batman costume shooting out of a Flash ring. Yes, DC, the DCnU did NOT effect my memories…and now, like Barry telling Bruce…didn’t effect Poptards either.

I would love one on one time with Geoff Johns. I have so many questions, but I’m gonna just roll with all of this. Yeah, he said he was on Flash for the long haul, but the guy can only do so much. And I know his pet project has always been Aquaman. So make it good. If at the end of the day, comics are still on shelves or now, available to download, then we all win, just maybe not how we wanted. I’ll read as much as I can (and can afford), but expect me to rant a little too DC.

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  1. jaydee says:

    SO many good points and teasers that I completely forgot about!
    DAMMIT, now I’m bummed that we’ll never see that stuff. I think they should still go ahead and use those ideas anyway, you know? It’s not like just because they rebooted that none of that stuff is valid anymore!

  2. FlannelGuy says:

    To a degree, I doubt they could. They would have to do years of build up before any of that would matter in this DCnU. It wouldn’t make much of an impact to new readers like you and me. There’s just so much potential that was there before that is gone. Who knows, maybe our old beloved DCU will be the new Else Words/Ultimate Universe!

    I had so many Bart Allen ideas, its not even funny. Like how he was grandson to both Flash and Reverse Flash. That’s pretty crazy stuff right there. Lots of story potential.

    But, tomorrow, and the next month and every year forward, we get more comics, movies and cartoons. The sacrifice for the greater good. AND now that everything started over, better shot for new writers and creative minds 😉

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