Johnny Destructo reviews FLASHPOINT #5!!

Flashpoint #5
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Andy Kubert
Inkers: Sandra Hope and Jesse Delperdang
Reviewed by Johnny Destructo

Well, it’s been no secret that I’ve not been a fan of most of the Flashpoint crossover event. What is a secret is my penchant for an activity I like to call Peanut Butter Balls. FP and PBB have certain aspects in common. They seem like a good idea in the beginning, but as the process wears on and the realities set in, it becomes clear that a better , less sticky decision could have been made. Next thing you know, you’ve got Extra Crunchy all tangled up in your short-hairs and the glue-like effect on your boxers isn’t all that pleasant. But then you wash it out, and everything is grand again. This issue provided just such a cleansing feeling. I loved that The Flash had a whole universe-spanning crossover all to his onesies, but the problem was that I didn’t give a good golly gosh about ANY other aspect of the crossover besides wondering how it was going to effect the DCU. The only ancillary mini that I could even bring myself to finish was the Batman: Knight of Vengeance (which, if you haven’t read yet, you absolutely SHOULD. NOW.) I didn’t care about 99% of the stuff that was taking place in the Flashpoint reality, maybe because I knew that none of it was going to have any real effect on anything, that it would all be erased by the end of issue 5, but I think the truth was just that I was bored.

What I did love however, was the dynamic that Johns has been delving into with Barry and Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash. Just what did R-F do, specifically, to create the Flashpoint universe? How would the final battle go down? What would Barry have to do to set it right? I don’t want to spoil anything here, but I found myself really enjoying the answers to these questions.  I will say that I loved the reveal as to what actually CAUSED this universe to Big-Bang it’s way into existence. It was a nice little twist and actually threw me for a loop. The action was top-notch as well. I always get a bit of a rush when a Flash and a Reverse-Flash go toe-to-toe and this wasn’t any different.

But again, as with much of the crossover as a whole, anyone who isn’t Flash, Reverse-Flash or Batman is just cannon-fodder that have absolutely no effect on the outcome of this event. Andy Kubert could have just drawn lil stick figures wearing shirts that read “character” followed by a number and their presence would have meant just as much to me. Actually, now that I think of it, this issue is a perfect reflection of the series as a whole. The beginning: awesome. The end: awesome. But there is an entire chunk in the middle that I could have completely done without and still felt that I got the whole experience.  And speaking of the End, I will mildly spoil one thing, just because I don’t think it actually spoils anything. In order to fix everything the Flash must….RUN. And it turns out that he could have done this very important running as soon as he had his speed back, but for some reason he waits till the very last second. Weird. But hey, he’s the Flash, so of COURSE he has to run.

Like I said, the end was pretty great, and the moment spent between Barry and Batman is very cool, and shows Bats in a light that we don’t get to see him in very often, which was nice.

Overall, this was a pretty cool wrap-up to a series that…existed. I think this issue is by far the best of the mini-series and is a fantastic lead-in to the new Justice League #1 that is also hitting stands this week. I’ve found myself slowly getting excited for the new 52 despite myself and this issue left me amped to dive right into it!

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  1. Erik says:

    “Overall, this was a pretty cool wrap-up to a series that…existed”.

    I don’t know about you, but when July’s previews had all of the new #1’s the sales of Flashpoint dropped. The local store down the way has a ton left on the shelf, despite being a cool series fans around here just saved their money for two months.

  2. JD (Host) says:

    Do you liked the series as a whole?
    What was it that you liked?
    I found the series itself about 75% useless, except for all the Flash stuff

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