Recapitulation of The Kryptonite Kid – a Novel by Joseph Torchia

by Slai Washko

This initially charming and easy on the brain story may have been overlooked by me if not for a recommendation. I have never found Superman to be the most relatable of comic book heroes since my varied vulnerabilities do not include and are not limited to alien rocks, but this is not the case for protagonist Jerry Chariot. Superman is who Jerry admires and strives to communicate with and impress. He needs to reach out to a superhero because the everyday people within proximity do not embody such hope-inspiring ideals. Jerry is an elementary Catholic school kid about First Communion age who writes letters to Superman with his friend and sidekick Robert. These letters reveal a peek into small town life, suburban scandal, the confusion and unanswered questions of religion, and dysfunctional family dynamics. Through his letters, Jerry can make you cry with the empathy of unjust punishments and unrequited correspondence and can make you laugh through the fresh and fragile perspective of childhood innocence. Jerry’s journey makes you want to cradle your inner child and tell that little one that everything is going to be ok, especially if as a child you didn’t quite fit in.

And then there’s the ending which I can’t tell you about because you have to read it. After reading, I hope you write to me and share your experience. I prefer anonymous snail mail with multi-colored and fonted words constructed of magazine clippings because it makes me feel more important. If it seems that this last paragraph took a drastic turn from the previous content it may be analogous to the ending of The Kryptonite Kid. Thanks to JD for sharing his very large…book collection.

Thank you for reading.
Cheers!  Yay!

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  1. Bruce says:

    You told me about this one, but I still have yet to read it. It sounds like one I would enjoy though. You should bring in the book sometime and I'll read it during lunch break or something. :3

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