Steve Petro reviews Amazing Spidey 667:

Title: Amazing Spider-Man #667
Writer: Dan Slott
Penciler: Humerto Ramos
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Reviewed by Steve Petro

From the moment Dan Slott took over head writing duties for Spider-Man, I’ll be honest: I wasn’t sure what I would be getting from my Spider-Man comics. We were fresh off The Gauntlet and The Grim Hunt, two story arcs that pulled from Spider-Man’s past to make an incredible story. The Gauntlet using some of the classic Spidey villains we all know and love, and Grim Hunt using Kraven’s Last Hunt (thought to be one of the greatest Spider-Man stories ever published) as the major backbone of the story. When this period of great Spider-Man stories ended I for one was very sad but ready to move on to the next chapter.

Now I’m saying that I haven’t been the biggest Dan Slott fan. I find that I might love one issue then find myself rolling my eyes at some of his writing in the next (A.K.A. Please no more Jersey Shore jokes). So when I heard that Slott was planing a Spider-Man event in a summer already filled with lackluster event comics, I was ready for the worst. Dan Slott: I tip my hat to you, this was a great comic. From the first moment, with a trick reveal that had me smiling from the start, I knew this was going to be awesome.

In Spider Island, The Jackal has released a swarm of genetically modified spiders giving thousands upon thousands of people(if not more) spider powers. This starts not only causing chaos in Spider-Man’s life but Peter Parker’s as well when it is revealed that his girlfriend Carlie is also infected with spider powers. While Peter is dealing with the fact he is no longer the only one in his relationship that can climb walls, the Jackal is assembling an army of thugs infected by the spiders and bestowing them with their own Spider-Man costumes as well. When the Spider thugs hit the street The Avengers are called to clean up the mess. It is a great scene seeing all the Marvel heroes trying to deal with all of these Spider-Men. Finally, when the real Spider-Man shows up to help he is mistaken as an enemy and clobbered by The Thing, leaving him motionless on the ground surrounded by the bodies of other defeated Spider-Men.

This was an awesome first issue with great action and twists that are needed to make someone excited for a huge event like this. Dan Slott went all out on this issue and left us with the question, “How is Spider-Man, as well as Peter Parker going to deal with the fact that he is just one of thousands with spider powers now?” I also need to bring up Humberto Ramos’ art, his style helped build the energy and make this a fantastic issue. If you are looking for a fun roller coaster of an event, pick up Spider Island. It looks to be a great ride.

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