Anastasia Beaverhausen reviews ONE DAY!

SPOILER ALERT! This review contains Spoilers.

Let me start off by saying I hate anything that Anne Hathaway has ever been in. I know you must be thinking “Then why the hell go?!” I’ll tell you, the same reason I got sucked into Love and Other Drugs. If the movie trailer is done right, you can somehow get convinced that anything could be a good romantic drama. We all learn from our mistakes…. But seriously, back to Miss Hathaway. She’s like an annoying little puppy that can’t wait to show you their new trick. Ok wait, that’s not fair. I love puppies and all the tricks they do. Never would I want to kick a puppy in the face. Let’s start over…She seems like an actress straight out of high school, who is so excited to wear all the pretty clothes and talk in all the fancy accents. And don’t even get me started on her limbs…that’s right I said it…she’s got weird limbs and they freak me out.

Ok with that disclaimer out of the way, let’s get into what I thought of the movie One Day.

One day July 15th in 1988 Emma and Dexter meet after their college graduation. She is your clichéd Ugly Duckling (and by clichéd I mean, slap a pair of glasses on her and wow she’s like a modern day Quasimodo) and he’s your typical spoiled rich kid who thinks he’s charming.  For the next two decades, you see her life every 15th of the month and you see his. In the end you are finally shown why that one day back in 1988 was so memorable, but once you’ve reached that part of the movie, I can honestly say you truly won’t care. This movie should have been like Irreversible (rape and all) and started from the end and worked it’s way to the beginning.

As cheesy and clichéd as The Notebook was, you can’t deny the chemistry that the characters gave off. Nothing was shown in this movie to make us believe that. It literally goes from one scene to the next and plays out like this “Hi I’m Emma, Hi I’m Dexter, Bye Dexter, Bye Em, I’m Back! I’m leaving! Someone has Cancer! Someone Dies! I have a baby! I got engaged!……20 years later Dexter is back proclaiming that Emma is the love of his life” Waa? When did they ever see each other to feel that way? It’s implied that they slept together in their 40’s but what the hell?!?, Show that! Or Do that! Hell, DO SOMETHING?! It’s always the ugly duckling who pines for the boy, and you see Emma hints at that, but in the only scene they actually talk about feelings, it’s done in a quick 5 minutes and then on to the next trauma in their lives. Dexter says Emma is the love of his life but basically she’s just a back-up plan. He goes through his life sleeping with everyone, doing every drug, becoming famous, getting married, having a family, etc. It’s only until he reaches 40 years old and is a has-been; does he realize it’s been Emma all along?

The only glimmer of hope to see this movie lies in the “hit-by a bus” scene that truly makes you jump out of your seat. Unfortunately though, after the crash, you can’t help but wish you were the one impaled by the bus, rather than watch this movie again.

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  1. JD (Host) says:

    Bwahahah! She has weird LIMBS? I love you’re like a Seinfeld character, you’ll find ANY reason whatsoever to hate someone!

    I myself dig Anne Hathaway, I find her adorable and charming…though I’m definitely NOT sold on her playing Catwoman yet.

    “Never would I want to kick a puppy in the face.”

    You’re awesome

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