DCnU 5 Years Old? Is That Possible?

One of the most confusing elements of DC’s relaunch is how can DC Comics manage to keep some stories and mesh them up in a world just 5 years old?

Word is Blackest Night & Brightest Day happened. Barbara Gordon was indeed shot. Bats operated before Supes and trained many under his wing. But come on, how could this all happen in half a decade?

Well, I have a theory and a simple one…I theenk.

To us, these characters have been in our lives for years and on shelves each month. But this is not the case in the comic book world. What if each comic represents a couple hours from the previous issue. And each arc is just a week from the last? And each decade of a title is really just over the course of a month.

For example, as long as Blackest Night spanned out for months and tie ins, was it all in one night? And was Brightest Day literally in the course of one single day? If this is the case, then I could totally see 5 years working for the DCnU.

Damien can still be Bruce’s son if he had him during the beginning of his training. People could have died and returned from the dead. And if Batman operated before super heroes arrived and Dick Grayson was Robin at 14-15, Nightwing could be operating today at 19-20.

This is just a half ass theory I threw together, but could make sense. If you think otherwise, let me know!

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  1. Bobby says:

    I think this entire reboot is pointless. Were fans ANYWHERE really clamoring for some rigidly enforced Ccontinuity ?! Or beloved, iconic characters redesigned in a tacky, outdated mid-90’s Image Comics aesthetic that looked horrible even back then ?

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