Zombies are ALIVE!!!!!

Just this past weekend I found myself seeing zombies on the big screen. No I didn’t see Zombieland, I saw The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. This was Heath Ledger’s last film before he passed. I knew I was going into a strange world, but I didn’t know where it was taking me.

One word:
Two Words:
Insane Fun
I enjoyed this whole movie. From the laughs to the “I don’t know what’s going on!” This was a fantastical journey through the mind of Dr. Parnassus. With brilliant colors and a lot of comical relief, one would find themselves dazed and confused. Heath Ledger did his job as a charismatic pretty boy, while Mini Me (Verne Troyer) is pouring out the laughs.
The Plot is basically the good doctor (Christopher Plummer) was a betting man and what seams to be the Devil (Tom Waits) decided to take him up one. Dr. Parnassus wins this bet and wins immortality. With this comes the story of an ancient man with mystical powers who travels with his circus that has something interesting to offer.
This story is all about greed and imagination. As long as you let yourself go and stop trying analyze what you are seeing you will be able to see this movie for what it is. Although Heath’s performance wasn’t as great as the Dark Knight, it was still not a bad role for his last one.

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