Poptards Eppy #6!

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Well with the new year comes a new format. We will be having alternation weeks with different topics. The topics consist of: Movies, Comics, Drunktards (where we get drunk and do something, if you have ideas or challenges email us at poptardspodcast@yahoo.com) and Double Take (we revisit movies from the past or compare two movies).
Pop 5 of 2009
Uncle Dunklenutz
Honorable Mentions
– Barack Obama
– Game Night (Beer, Pizza and video games; what more could you ask for)
– Twilight: New Moon
– Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day
– Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince
– Lake George, New York (Camping with no technology accept a Walmart)
5. Home Entertainment: PS3 + HD TV = Wet Dreams
4. True Blood
…listen to the show for the rest of my list!

5. Dream On
4. Bon Iver
…listen for the rest of her list!
5. Where the Wild Things Are Experience
4. Left 4 Dead
intrigued? …listen for the rest of his list!
Tune in to find out more; the rest of the best, worst and what we are looking forward to in 2010!

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  1. Mike Fichera says:

    You guys make me want to check out Book of Eli more than Avatar. One question: what was that backwards message at the end of your podcast? I think there was a subliminal message in there to buy expensive comics…guess I'll find out tomorrow.

  2. Poptards says:

    Hey Mike,
    it's just the intro played backwards.
    and the subliminal bit is telling you to tell me who that BABY is in the new Spidey teaser image is!!

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