Comic Quickies – Incorruptible #1

Irredeemable is one of the more interesting comics that Mark Waid has been attached to for some time. Writing a story where the Superman archtype has gone literally insane and has become the world’s worst villian, it makes sense that Waid would give us the opposing story. It seems that with Incorruptible #1, we’re watching the world’s (now second) worst villian as he tries to go straight. Max Damage is his name (how very Noir) and his villianous teengirl sidekick is called Jailbait, for obvious reasons. He’s decided that since the Plutonian has gone insane and most of the heroes are dead, he’s the only one with the power to protect the human race from the almost omnipotent former-hero.

It’s a great, if inevitable idea, and I was glad to see that it takes place in the same universe as Irredeemable. However, this issue isn’t really what I was hoping it would be. As a start-up issue, it lacks the stunning, “I NEED to see what happens next issue” ending that’s designed to get people picking up #2, but maybe the problem is with the premise itself. Watching a former bad-ass villian go good isn’t nearly as engaging as watching what would happen if the most powerful hero on the planet goes bonker-balls. I have enough faith in Mark Waid to keep checking it out for a bit, but so far I’m not wicked impressed.

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