JD reviews FLASHPOINT! It all starts here!

Title: Flashpoint #1
Writer: Geoff Johns
Pencils: Andy Kubert
Inker: Sandra Hope
Reviewed by Johnny Destructo

So, if you’ve been reading Geoff Johns’ THE FLASH, you already know the cause of FLASHPOINT. I mistakenly assumed that FP #1 would clue in all the new readers who are only picking up the main title, and didn’t bother with The Road To FP, so if you’re reading these reviews before heading out to your LCS, you may want to remember to pick up Flash #12 as well since it leads directly into this book.

Johns just jumps right into the story here, with the bookends dealing with Barry and his reaction to the new status quo, and the meat of the story showing us just how different things are with a good portion of the meta community, including Batman, Cyborg, and a cadre of altered, yet familiar faces. I would like to say that this book lives up to the scarlet speedster’s name and goes at a breakneck pace, but I’ll be honest, it kind of grounds to a halt in the middle for an 8 page debate session.

It doesn’t feel useless however, since it serves to introduce us to some of the bigger changes that have been made in this Reverse-Flash reality. Not having a PhD in DC continuity, I do find myself curious as to whether or not some of these changes involve brand new elements or if they come from something I’m already supposed to have heard of. Case-in-point: the “Meta-Vest”. What the boogens is that? I’m sure that I’ll find out in the upcoming three issue miniseries FLASHPOINT: META-VEST, followed by FLASHPOINT: BUTTERED RYE TOAST. Have I mentioned that there are too many mini-series coming out for this friggin thing? But enough about that. What about the art, you ask?

Andy Kubert, part of a long talented family history within comics, has produced here one of his best looking books to date, and with no small thanks due to superstar ink-slinger Sandra Hope and the beautiful colors from Alex Sinclair. This is definitely a top-tier art team and the talent bursts off the page. A quick shout-out to Sinclair speficically for making even the credits on the splash page be effected by the sunlight in the image. It’s the little things.

I don’t want to say too much here, but if you love Age Of Apokolips, Justice League: The Nail, Exiles or hell…even Sliders, then you’ll want to check this one out!

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  1. Bobby says:

    Flashpoint will go down in comic’s history as a thudding failure. The artwork looks dreary and unimaginative, the storyline is already confusing to the average civilian reader. I assume the end of Flash #12, where Barry was visiting his mother’s grave and the strange red lightening bolt struck him, was where the timeline diverged; then he wakes up at his work desk in this issue to find everything changed. Mother alive, No uperpowers, Iris with another guy, – you know the usual “It’s a Wonderful Life” scenario.
    Aquaman and Wonder Woman have joined forces to commit global genocide? Im sorry- but no matter how altered the reality- this is completely out of character for both of them. Cyborg from Teen Titans is the world greatest superhero? What a yawn-inducing prospect. The little heroic resistance group he is trying to recruit Batman into all look like rejected Kingdom Come-era designs with a good bit of dreary early 80’s DC character design thrown in.
    And can I point out the obvious logic that just because Bruce Wayne had the mental and physical toughness to become Batman- it doesnt mean that his father could ALSO be Batman? Wasn’t Thomas Wayne in his 40’s when he was killed anyway? Also, I think it’s lame that he is the sort of the masked Donald Trump of this reality where Gotham is just a seedier east coast Las Vegas. Also, Batman kills people. Lame.
    This series looks like the least imaginative and poorly designed Elseworlds ive ever seen and certainly not worth redirecting months, if not years, of storylines and in-universe continuity around. The silver age time travel reprints featured in the Flash 100-page special were much more entertaining for the money spent.

  2. JD (Host) says:

    Dreary and unimaginative?? Are you looking at the same book? With actual EYES?

    As for the AQ and WW being out of character..the aintitcool guys and I are doing a roundtable review of part one and I brought up your point:

    “JOHNNY DESTRUCTO: Speaking of which, someone over at PopTards presented the view that no matter how the timeline has changed, the Aquaman and Wonder Woman thing is too out of character. Do you guys agree with this? Because I think it’s COMPLETELY within their characterizations to do just such a thing, and they would barely need any nudging in that direction. Keep in mind this isn’t dealing with the characters as they are after all this time existing side-by-side with heroes and growing as characters, but with how they were before encountering the human race. They both come from societies that HATE our surface/male-dominated world.

    KLETUS: I’m not sure why anyone would say that. Both of those characters have had story lines where thier respective societies have tried to overthrow ‘our’ society (the terrible AMAZONS ATTACK comes to mind). It’s totally feasible that within the DC Universe, something like this could happen maybe not in its current state but in a story like this…for sure. I also love the fact that Batman was the linchpin for the resistance and that nobody would fight back if he wasn’t planning it. ”

    I didn’t bother with the 100page special, because it was all reprints but maybe I’ll track it down..

  3. Bobby says:

    We will have to respectfully disagree on this point i guess. Like I said before – it’s all low hanging fruit. Maybe I was too harsh on the art- Kubert is a comic institution- but thats how I felt. Look at that bit on the rooftop where everyone is debating with batman- it just ground everything to a halt for me. Thanks for bringing up my point to the roundtable- I’d be interested to hear what they thought about my point about Thomas Wayne as Batman. His motivation here is too similar to the plots of Dark Knight Returns/Strikes & Kingdom Come(Batman forms underground metahuman resistance), Aquaman is not Namor and why retread Wonder Woman’s terrible Amazon Attacks storyline? I am not going to pick up the satellite titles but I’ll stick with the main mini to see how it pans out; I expected nothing from this crossover and I wasnt looking forward to it so im not sure why i am so critical of it-as a longtime Flash fan i just hate how they are pimping him out for this event.

  4. JD (Host) says:

    The art of that one page ground everything to a halt for you? Or the scene itself? I agree that the 8 PAGES of debate on a rooftop messed with the flow of the book, for damn sure, but it was the pacing, not the art.
    And I too am a big Flash fan, and I like that he’s the linchpin for this event..I can’t think of another Flash-centric big DC crossover, so that makes me a little more interested in what’s happening. If this was say..an Aquaman-centric story, I wouldn’t even have picked it up.

  5. Bobby says:

    I meant the entire scene – theyve created this entire new world to play in and they show it off by having a rooftop debate that runs on. Very Phantom Menace “the taxation of trade routes to outlying systems…” Zzzz. To me it seems these events are all interesting concepts but for reason they decide to dwell on the most tedious parts and inflat a story that would work as a mini series or a crossover for a couple months into years of nonsense. Darkest Night is an example of that – in the beginning when I heard about the concept I was into it… But by the end it just wore me out.

  6. JD (Host) says:

    I loved Blackest Night..not every mini-series or one-shot that came out from it, but the main series itself was a ball of fun, I thought!

    I agree that events should be kept to the main series and just a couple of side stories to round it out, not to envelope the entire New Wall Shelves for months at a time, though

  7. erik says:

    So does Flashpoint END the DC universe as of August? In the recent USA TODAY breaking news story about the relaunch (oh..when did USA TODAY become the breaking news of the comic industry?) it would seem this is the last major event before the next major event and, honestly, where do you go after the War of the Lanterns, Brightest Day, and Flashpoint?

    In ohter DC news, the pic for the new relaunch has Green Lantern with a chain gun. Can you explain why everything in the DCU needs a chaingun? Do they own stock in chainguns?

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