JD reviews THE FLASH #12!
Road to Flashpoint concludes!

Title: Flash #12
Writer: Geoff Johns
Art: Scott Kolins & Francis Manapul
Colors: Michael Atiyeh & Brian Buccellato

Well, it’s here! The end of an era. Wait..no. That’s not right. The end of a ..hiccup? Yeah, that’s more appropriate. Geoff John’s new Flash title is already over, after 12 issues (resisting urge to make Flash In The Pan joke) and anyone who has read my reviews can tell you that I constantly call into question the marketing and business decisions of the Big Two. This is another one of those instances. This Flash on-going series was just a 12 issue maxi-series. It’s just so dissappointing..not to mention that it plays havoc on my personal comic collection numbering system! I’m tired of series starting and ending just so they can go back to selling a NEW! ACTION-PACKED! SENSES SHATTERING #1 ISSUE!  Only to have it go back to the old numbering system once they decide that it can be a ACTION-PACKED! SENSES SHATTERING #600 ISSUE! or whatever. Disgraceful.

This issue felt kind of cobbled together, art-wise, with the Flash bits drawn by the Sharpie-handed Scott Kolins, and the Barry Allen bits by the subtle and elegant watercolors of Francis Manapul. It’s jarring and off-putting. Having several artists work on a single story is usually only effective when there are different points of view for said story, and the art needs to reflect that. Here it just takes me out of the story.

All this isn’t to say that the issue is terrible..far from it. It wraps up the Hot Pursuit storyline well, if not far too quickly, and sets up FLASHPOINT, which I’m looking forward to. I’m curious to see where this Patty Spivot sub-plot is going, since it can’t really be a love triangle, as such, since Barry is far too straight-laced for that,  but Johns clearly put her here just in time for Flashpoint for a reason. There are great action bits in this issue, and are nicely balanced with the introspective, emotional segments.Geoff Johns is writing the hell out of this book, and I’m trying to stay focused on that, but the damn money-grab aspects of this FlashPoint event make it difficult.

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