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Spider-Man Fever #1

Spider-Man Fever #1


No new “AMAZING” to review this week, so this week’s “Web-Up” will focus on a brand-new mini series, “Spider-Man: FEVER”.   Issue #1 (Of 3) came out on Wednesday.  Story and art come courtesy of BRENDAN McCARTHY.

First, let’s do a brief synopsis.  It’s clear from the very first page that this story does not occur within regular continuity.  BOOM!  First panel.  Dr. Strange is introduced as “Sorcerer Supreme”.  Next page, Spidey’s reading “The Daily Bugle”.  So, without having to adhere to the strict confines placed by continuity, they can pretty much do whatever the hell they want.  AND DO THEY EVER!!!!!!

Here’s the Cliff’s Notes version of issue #1: Spidey is attacked by the Vulture, who’s just been released from prison.  Their battle takes them into the apartment of some street hoodlum.  Then, some “Spider-Demon” (aka “Soul Eater”) crawls up through the sink, and takes temporary mental control of Vulture, who sprays Spidey with bug spray.  The bug spray makes Spidey dizzy. He leaves the apartment, and falls into another home, conveniently occupied by Dr. Strange.  Spidey crawls into the bathtub, unable to stand or stay awake.  Then he’s attacked by the Spider-Demon, who wears a top hat, and keeps saying “Harrah, harrah!”  The Demon fends off Dr. Strange, and takes Spidey with him for a journey on the “Webwaze”, a sort of inter-dimensional bridge across “The Abyss”.

Normally, I’m not a fan of Spider-Man being tossed into mystical Dr. Strange territory, as Spider-Man’s world is a world of science.  He’s a scientist, his greatest villains are scientists, he hangs with Reed Richards and Tony Stark. And all of this “Spider-Demon”/”Webwaze” business smacks of the era of Spidey that did NOT appeal to me.  That being the whole JMS run, with the Totem Spider, and Morlun, and the “Into Every Generation, a Spider-Man is Born/Buffy RIPOFF BULLSHIT” that dumped “The Other” onto our heads, as well as Spider-Man having swords in his arms.  FUCK THAT.

But this, this FEVER story, is something a bit different.  It’s clearly irreverent and bizarre.  And ooh, the colors!  It’s a really trippy, psychedelic jaunt McCarthy’s taking us on here.  I dig the colors and the art.  They serve the story well.  Another thing I liked was Vulture’s bug spray attack.  To me, it just looks like an ordinary can of bug spray.  It’s not indicated if this is a special kind of bug spray that was planted there by the “Spider-Demon”.  So it just seems like bug spray itself weakens Spider-Man here, and that’s kinda funny, in a TICK sort of way.

There’s also some backstory involving an Aleister Crowley-like mystic, who once tried to cross the Webwaze into the Abyss, but failed.  I love the picture that introduces him.  Much more Satanic than we’re used to seeing in a Spider-Man comic.

I guess in closing, I’d say that for a “mystical” Spidey story, this goes down a little easier because it’s not pretentious, and it’s not fucking up the Spider-Man mythos by saying he was “destined” to get bit by the radioactive Spider (What BOLLOCKS).  It’s just a freaky Spider-Man story that happens to involve inter-dimensional travel, and Dr. Strange battling talking Spider-Demons for Peter Parker’s soul on the Webwaze.  And a kind of nasty tussle with the Vulture tossed in for good measure.  If this sounds like fun to you, then rush out and get this today!  I, for one, am curious to see the next issue.

Till next time, Web-Heads! Keep on wall-crawling, and keep on slinging the sticky stuff!  Web fluid, you know.  Not semen.  That could get you into trouble.  Not that I’ve ever encountered any such trouble in MY life.  Just sayin’.  I know this guy.  Let’s call him… BLAY-DEE.  Dude can NOT keep his spunk to himself.  Yeah.  It’s gross.

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