Advance Review: Invincible #79!

Title: Invincible #79
Writer: Robert Kirkman
Penciler: Ryan Ottley
Inker: Cliff Rathburn
Colors: Nikos Koutsis
Letters: Rus Wooton


I love Fat Eve. Big boned Eve? Husky Eve..? Eve Squared! However you put it, she’s great. Not since the great Terry Moore have I seen a comics writer do something realistic regarding a woman’s figure in the comics medium. And having dated a size-fluctuating red-head in the past, this really hit home, both with the dialogue and the emotions involved. Eve’s self-conciousness and embarrassment, Mark’s assurances that he loves the way she looks, it’s all note-perfect. This is a touchy subject for woman…hell, for men too. Dealing with our weight, especially as Americans, can be a life-long struggle, and I’m glad that Kirkman decided to tackle it belly-on in this book. While the action of Invincible is fantastic, it’s the realistic drama of the supporting cast that really has me returning on a monthly basis, and this is a fantastic example.


I have to say that after the devastating Viltrumite War, it’s nice to have an issue of down time. But, per usual, for Kirkman, even the down-time issues are bomb droppers. Mark disappearing for over 10 months has had a tangible and lasting effect on his loved ones, and it’s an absolute blast to read! There are a ton of little moments sprinkled throughout this issue which, when combined, are as dramatic and intriguing as the bloody, casualty-heavy war that just ended last month.


Ryan Ottley, inked by Cliff Rathburn is a thing of beauty as well. They are a perfect team, making this one of the prettiest damn funny books on the shelves. They do a great job keeping Eve’s facial structure under all that extra weight. A lesser artist wouldn’t be able to pull that off, but they’ve done it here. She’s still the same elegant and beautiful character, there’s just more of her now.


THAT said…how come she’s skinny Eve on the cover??? I guess they didn’t think people would buy this issue if there was a sizable girl on the cover?? That’s a little disappointing.
I do love the little nods in the background though. The Abe Lincoln bust, the Science Dog toys. The references to Sea Bear and Grizzly Shark? Awesome!
If you haven’t read Invincible, now’s the time, people.


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