Comic Quickies – Realm of Kings One Shot

Under my work clothes, I’m sporting a Black Lantern tshirt, so I’m no stranger to space stories. But for some reason I have trouble giving anything akin to a crap about the Cosmic section of the Marvel publishing line. However my buddy Pete picks up all these cosmic titles and seems to dig it, so I says to myself: “Self. Read this shit.” (I like to demean myself with disrespectful commands to my…self)

the GOOD:
– I can see why people dig this, even if I’m not a huge fan.
– “I am Groot!” …made me laugh. though reminiscent of “I am Baaaytor” from Garth Ennis’ amazing Hitman series.

the BAD:
– got bored just by reading the “Previously” page.
– evil alternate versions of our characters, coming to GIT us! oh noes! (how many times are we gonna see this? See: Marvel Zombies, JLA: Earth-2, Infinity War, so on, so forth)

the MEH:
– The art. Not great, not terrible. Definitely meh.

I’m hoping that once I get my head fully into the Cosmic fragment of the Marvel U, and get to know all the characters, that I’ll care more..I’m willing to give it a shot, but so far, I’m not blown away.

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