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So, a John Singleton movie (Four Brothers, Boyz in the Hood, Higher Learning..the upcoming LUKE CAGE MOVIE? Sweet Christmas!) starring Sigourney Weaver, Maria Bello, Alfred Molina, Dermot Mulroney and…..Taylor Lautner? Yeah, that’s right Team Jacob, the swan-necked werewolf kid is in this movie. I guess I was wrong in assuming the Twilight movies would be his only role. Clearly, the Twilight movies and Abducted will be his only roles. Seriously, I don’t really see this guy going much further than that.

But I have to say, this movie looks pretty awesome (when I use my brain-grapes to pretend that the lead actor is someone else entirely).

What do you think?

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  1. shamtest says:

    I can’t seem to look at this post from my iphone!!!!

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