Weekly Web-Up! Advance Review of ASM 658!

Title: Amazing Spider-Man 658
Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Javier Pulido
Colors: Muntsa Vicente and Javier Rodriguez

This book is so much fun, I wanna take it down to the malt shop and bring it with me to go necking at look-out point.

No offense to Hickman but I think Slott should take over FF when Hickman’s done, as it’s clear that sonnyjim loves him some Fantastic Four. That is to say, ONLY if he stays on as ASM writer until I die. His Peter Parker is the best I’ve read in years, and dear lord, can I say that I LOVE his budding relationship with CSI Carlie Cooper. Don’t get me wrong, I loved MJ just as much as the other guy, unless of course, said other guy happens to be Joey Q…but this pairing just makes sense from a writing standpoint. Nothing against supermodels, well ok, mostly against supermodels, but putting Petey in a relationship with a woman who makes a living putting together clues? Brilliant.

Of course, that being said, I think they could sexy her up just a touch. As the issue opens in Peter’s bedroom, Parker and Carlie are preparing to get. it. ON. And their super sexy, totally not awkward attempt consists of starting off sitting on opposite sides of the bed in their pajamas, Carlie carefully taking off her glasses and gently setting them on the nightstand and them slowing inching towards each other. Bown Chica Wown Wown. I know, I just dropped a teaspoon in my pants too and I need to change. Seriously though, this fire needs some kindling, kiddies.

There is so much gold in this issue. Spidey’s attempt at a new FF costume, his troubles at work, dinosaur wrasslin’, and the mime. Good god, the mime. I feel like Slott HAD to set that whole scene in Paris, just so he could do the mime bit. This issue is also packed to the gills with so much good-timey silver agey shenanigans, it’s ri-goddamn-diculous. And for the most part I HATE THE SILVER AGE. But this one takes everything fun about the S.A. and makes it modern.

Also, Javier Pulido’s art is so good I wanna slap it. The line quality, the compositions, the excellent black-spotting, it’s all just so damn good.

I absolutely cannot recommend this issue enough. There are no words to do it justice, but that’s mostly because I have a terrible vocabulary. Buy it.

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