Advance Review: Flash #10

Title: The Flash #10
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Francis Manapul
Colorist: Brian Buccellato

I wish I had a cosmic treadmill to go back in time and stop the future Flashpoint storyline from mugging all of us. There are no less than FOURTEEN 3 issue mini-series on our crimson and golden horizon, and it makes me want to take cover. Don’t take this as my review of this issue however. It’s more a statement about major comic companies and their lack of self-respect when it comes to these events. It just comes across as blatantly begging the comic-reading audience for money. It’s like DC is walking into a bar and shamelessly giving it’s phone number to every single female in the place, speed-dating style, instead of focusing on impressing one woman. 42 issues of mini-series. Good god. But that’s just me. Maybe I’m a broke bitter man and I’m all by my onesies on this.

That being said: I’m still excited to see what’s coming. Johns’ and Manapul’s lightening has been striking on-point every month with The Flash and this issue is no exception. The identity of Hot Pursuit was revealed last issue, but I won’t spoil it here, since it’s still a mystery on this month’s cover. However, I will say that the update to the Cosmic Treadmill is long overdue (despite my love for it’s Silver Aged cheesiness) and works well here. One of my nit-picky problems with this Flash series thus far has been Barry’s conspicuously missing fellow speedsters. Here we get a glimpse as to why this is the case when Bart straight-up confronts Barry, and it’s a lovely piece of comicbooking. We also get the return of a long lost Barry Allen supporting character, which is kind of rad.

Francis Manapul’s art is getting more solid with every issue. His characters’ emotions are plain as day and one of the highest compliments a sequential artist can receive is that you could enjoy this issue and understand the events even without the word bubbles.
This is another excellent Flash issue, and definitely worth your $2.99, especially if you’re curious about what all the hub-bub of Flashpoint is about. Just beware liking it TOO much, cause this cross-over will punch you in the taint and steal your wallet.

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