Episode 53 (video show!)- SUCKERPUNCH

Episode 53 – SuckerPunch! from johnny destructo on Vimeo.

JD and Slai review Zach Snyder’s visually beautiful catastrophe: SUCKERPUNCH!

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  1. erik says:

    Great review and I love the green screen!

  2. HAHAHA, I think you need a much larger can of beans to replace me. Maybe one of those GI industrial size barrels. Well done!

  3. jaydee says:

    awww thanks Erik! I like the green screen too, I think it adds a little somethinsomethin..
    now we just have to work on the sound! we need some personal Mics, i think.

    Aww Uncle Dunkz..your beans are large enough!

  4. Mark Mackner says:

    Can’t watch this at work, but I watched a bootleg of the movie the other night. I didn’t get why there had to be two fantasy worlds. OK, the looney bin sucks, so slip into your fantasy world. Fine. But then why was there ANOTHER fantasy within the fantasy? Would’ve worked better for me if they picked the nut house OR the cabaret, and then let the action scenes be the one fantasy realm. And since the Real World is the one we spent the least time in, we didn’t get a chance to become acquainted with Baby Doll at all, really. We don’t even see her meet the other girls in the asylum, so we have absolutely no idea what the rest of the characters are like in reality, either. Scott Glenn and his bumper sticker slogans that had nothing to do with what was going on annoyed me. So did the video game setup of the action world. You must find these 5 items. Here are your weapons. And then Scott Glenn is there as the tutorial for first-time players, telling you how to play the game.

    I did appreciate parts of it. I liked how the title was on the car window in the beginning. I also liked the costume design, but duh. I think it could’ve been great, but they missed the mark. I’d watch it again though, just to marvel at the visuals.

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