Advance Review: Ultimate X #4

Title: Ultimate X #4
Writer: Jeph Loeb
Pencils: Arthur Adams
Colorist: Peter Steigerwald
Reviewed by Johnny Destructo

It seems it’s a big week for late books. And while I gave a pass for Kick-Ass 2, issue 2..I’m not entirely sure I can do the same for Ultimate X #4. June 16th, 2010. That was the day issue #3 was released. I could have met someone, got pregnant and given birth in the time it took for the next issue of this series to come out. If I was a sexy lady. A sexy lady who didn’t love abortions. And you know how I’ve been going on and on about the greatness of the Ultimate Universe because things seem to change in a seemingly permanent way? I don’t think that killing off characters and then introducing their offspring who just so happen to have the same basic powers really counts. All you’re really doing is just taking the character and changing their name.

Granted, I like that this picks up (sorta) where Ultimate Spidey left off with the previously mutant-hating, now a mutant herself Liz Allen. But oh, look. The Blob has a son, who is basically….the Blob. Wow. Clever stuff. We’re really covering new ground on this one.

The part that annoyed me the most, though, was the tag-line for the next issue: WHAT IS ULTIMATE X? MAY 2011. The first issue hit shelves on Feb 3, 2010. Are we really supposed to still give a crap what Ultimate X is 13 months after the question is first asked? Really? How about the next issue’s tag-line be: ON TIME! PROMISE! That might get me excited, but I doubt it.

The saving grace of this book HAS to be the art by Arthur Adams though. It is worth every penny just to look at this stuff.He does an absolutely beautiful job here and it gets sexier the longer I stare into its….ahem. It’s good stuff, is what I’m saying.

I tend to be lenient on late books because I know that once it’s collected into a TPB, no one is going to care about when each issue hit the shelves. It’ll just be an awesome collection. But I’m not entirely sure this is going to be one of them. Ultimate Wolverine is dead. Replaced by another guy with Wolverine’s claws. The Blob is dead, replaced by The Blob. Quicksilver is de…oh wait. No he isn’t.

But hey, the art is pretty! That’s enough….right? Meh.

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