It’s Elementary, Dear Watson….a Bit TOO Elementary

Victorian Undead
Sherlock Holmes vs ZOMBIES!

..So reads the little burst on the cover of this Wildstorm Comic by Ian Edginton and Davide Fabbri. The cover image is that of our Mister Holmes, rotting away, infested with maggots and smoking a big ole’ pipe overflowing with insects. Silly Zombie Holmes! You can’t smoke a pipe like thaaat! Wotta card!

Ugh. I just don’t care. The beautiful Tony Moore art on the outside was the only reason I even gave this a shot. And maybe it’s my own baggage that’s keeping me from enjoying this comic, being a thread away from wanting to punch all these “Enter Character Here Vs Zombies” comics and books in the face. I recently saw that there was a Star Wars Zombie novel on the shelves as well. And I SHOULD be stoked! I’ve been a fan of this particular sub-genre since I was a wee laddy, but it’s just getting boring. (Don’t be offended, my beloved Walking Dead. You know I still love you and only you!)

That being said, this was a valiant attempt by the creators and they haven’t done anything “wrong” that would make me dislike this comic, but I got halfway through the book and realized that I just didn’t care and had to slog my way through the rest of the book. The interaction between Holmes and Watson weren’t particularly engaging, the zombie business wasn’t that scary, or original. Maybe that’s what I’m getting at: nothing here was that interesting or original, and while that isn’t exactly “wrong” on the creator’s part, it IS enough to make me not read the next issue. Sorry old chaps, you just haven’t sold me.

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  1. Bruce says:

    Silly Zombie Holmes! That made me lawl. Too bad this wasn't a good shot, or I may have checked it out myself.

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