Advance Review: UNDYING LOVE #1!

Title: Undying Love #1
Writers: Tomm Coker & Daniel Freedman
Art: Tomm Coker
Colors: Daniel Freedman
Letters: Michael David Thomas
Reviewed by Johnny Destructo

Before even starting this issue, I felt a tinge of familiarity when I saw the name Tomm Coker. I had trouble placing it before remembering that back in October, I favorably reviewed a film called Catacombs, which was written and directed by one Tomm Coker. Sure enough, these Tomm’s were one and the same. Turns out he had also penciled Judd Winick‘s fantastic vampire mini-series, Blood & Water back in 2003. Daniel Freedman was the editor for Catacombs, and the two came up with this story while editing the film. Even before researching all of these tidbits, the first issue of this series felt cinematic in a very positive way.

In a world filled to gagging with vampire stories like Twilight, it’s refreshing to see a return to badass bloodsuckers, and to have western monsters mixed with eastern demons and Chinese folklore is even better. The contemporary western vampire is something to fear when the lights go out, but I have to say that the Chinese version always seemed a bit silly to me. Fang-less and unable to move without hopping..yes, that’s right. Hopping. It’s always come across as more laughable than anything else.

Enter ex-American Military man Jon Sargent and his love, the mysterious Chinese woman named Mei. We join them on their quest to find a cure for Mei’s…condition, as they meet resistance most unnatural on their trek to Hong Kong. As any fan of vampire lore is aware, the only cure for the undead is to find and kill the one who chomped down on them to begin with. But what happens when said vamp is one of the oldest and most dangerous vampires of all time? And just what is the lovely Mei hiding?

Some vampire lovers might balk at the idea that mere guns can dispatch the undead creatures of Undying Love, but like the man says “Whoever wrote the book on killing vampires…never shot one with an automatic weapon.” I’ll take vampires that die by bullets over ones that glitter in the sunlight any day. However, all of this would be mindless action to me, if not for the core of the story: love. This first issue doesn’t linger too long on the love story between Jon and Mei, but it’s still palpable throughout. The risks Jon takes to protect his loved one, from fighting off a gaggle of Chinese warriors, to feeding Mei his own blood, the love comes across, and immediately put me on their side. I want to see them succeed, but I’m gonna have a hell of a time watching them struggle, if this issue is any indication.

Tomm Coker’s art is, for the most part, stylistic and snazzy stuff. But, the problem befalling most with this sort of photographical style (see also: Tim Bradstreet & Alex Maleev), is that some of the action-packed panels can come across as a bit static, or lacking in fluidity. It looks more like people posing for a scene than the artist actually capturing the action of the scene. That’s just nit-picky though. Overall, this book looks great and is off to an excellent start!

Forget Twilight, this is a vampire romance that I can actually get behind. 7 more issues of this? Gimme!

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  1. I interviewed these cats a few weeks back, loved the book and they were a blast to interview.

  2. JD (Host) says:

    oh, VERY cool..I’ll take a look at that!

  3. Slai says:

    I rike it a rot so far and am excited to potentially have a new comic(besides Walking Dead) that may hold my attention. I’m not usually so into vampires, but I do like mythology and it’s super to get some Asian(especially Chinese) representation. Nice interview, OD!

    JD: If I were a vampire, would you share some of your blood to keep me undying? Me rove you rong time 😉

  4. jaydee says:


  5. Slai — Mrs. Douche has never really dug comics either. I did get her to imbibe iZOMBIE and FABLES though. Not to say all women are equal, but there does seem to be some gender stratums when it comes to comics

  6. jaydee says:

    Optimous…I’m gonna retry FABLES again soon…I keep meaning to. Maybe I’ll make Slai check it out as well

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