Episode 51 – VIDEO! The Adjustment Bureau!
Click in and watch!

Sooooo, here is our first video REVIEW show. Sure we’ve done DrunkTards and interviews at cons and what-nots..but this is our first of our regular video shows! We’ll be doing one every other week, with audio shows in between! Let us know what you think and how we can make it better!

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PopTards Episode 51: The Adjustment Bureau from johnny destructo on Vimeo.

Episode 51 of PopTards! On this Video episode, we review The Adjustment Bureau as well as do a terrible terrible skit! Check out www.poptardsgo.com! Go there for written reviews, interviews, skits and articles!

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7 Comments to “Episode 51 – VIDEO! The Adjustment Bureau!
Click in and watch!”

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  1. Only the Chairman is infallible and he/she/it is the only one that knows The Plans’ final destination.

  2. Limitless was clearly written by someone using 0% of their brain.

    What does 100% of your brain do? Give me 100% of my limbic lobe — ohh thank you now I can smell better.

    Occipital lobe — ohhh now I can see you better

    Frontal Lobe — Now I am insane and crazy because I either can’t stop imagining or I’m so OCD I start a world quest to count sidewalk cracks.


  3. Optimous, you make my word go round. Thanks for the belly laugh!

    I do have to say that, if I were to have the whole “Limitless” situation happen to me, I’d probably do the whole making money without doing anything. But, while all that is going on, I would probably set up a massive multi-box system to rape people in World of Warcraft. Just because.

    I am…Tarded!

  4. JD (Host) says:

    Oh Optimous, really? You’re going THAT route with the fictional story? If we’re playing THAT game, then Spider-Man, The Hulk, so on and so forth ALL DIE because radiation doesn’t GIVE YOU POWERS!

    Limitless is basically a super-hero movie, as far as the origin is concerned. He takes a drug to give him super-smarts.

    Still, the comment was funny though!

  5. OK then, just say that. Here’s a drug that makes you smart…not uses 100% of your brain.

    This concept was done already in DEFENDING YOUR LIFE. Thankfully the writers had the good sense to realize that when you do use 100% of your brain it does make you smarter AND changes all of your perceptions to something we can’t begin to understand as mere 10 percenters.

  6. JD (Host) says:

    that’s still the same thing!

    ok well we know that being bitten by a radioactive spider doesn’t give you spider powers, it fucking kills you, so just say it makes you more powerful then?

  7. No it’s not. Extra nuerons added to the brain that would enhance intelligence is not the same as using 100%. Perhaps the drug creates more folds in the proper cortex — again not 100% of brain use.

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