I Would Be a Fat Robot!

So in a future we can choose who we are by putting some funky glasses on and sitting under restaurant heating lamps. In the movie “Surrogates” people live their lives with no fear through robots. You could be a fat slob and be a hot woman. With this revolutionary technology the crime and homicide rates have virtually disappeared. But with this blessing comes arguments that people are loosing themselves and need to step away from this technology and live their own lives.

Enough about the world, so what of the movie? Who better to play the main character then Bruce Willis. Bruce is an FBI agent investigating a new homicide that killed the surrogate and the user. The homicide was aimed at the creator of the surrogates and ended up being his son. With this the plot goes through some interesting events and of course the last second button push scenario. I was not interested in alot of the movie, not even the foreshadowing struggle of Bruce’s torn thoughts of living the surrogate life or his own.

A little predictable, but the ending is what made this a movie worth downloading. I say downloading because it was not worth the $10 movie theaters ask you to pay. For a Bruce Willis film I would say it lacked more gun fights and explosions. Let’s do another Die Hard. We could call it “I Want to Blow Shit Up to Make You Die Hardest.” So go to a computer near you and pay that free admission to watch “Surrogates.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    this was in and out of the movie houses so fast i forgot about it. love bruce willis movies, so i'm on my way to download it now. thanks
    this is better than a news paper review. no bull

  2. Poptards says:

    yeah, anon.. i haven't seen this one yet either..come back and let me know what you think of it!

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