JD Thanks the Ultimate Marvel Universe!

Johnny Destructo’s Thank You to Marvel’s Ultimate Universe!

I love me some comics, and I always considered myself, for the most part, to be a Marvel Zombie. No, not the annoying drawn-out series about Marvel characters humorously clamoring for flesh…I refer to the dated term that used to mean “Marvel characters are my favorite!” and “Make Mine Marvel!” And while that is still mostly the case, I find myself more emotionally invested in comics where changes actually take place and danger is relevant. The main Marvel U just doesn’t hold that for me as much as it seemed to as a kid. But luckily for me, there is the ULTIMATE MARVEL UNIVERSE! There are two main reasons that this Universe stands as one of my favorites:

Top Talent
While there have been a couple missteps (despite my love for his work, Steve Dillon on Ultimate Avengers 3 didn’t quite fit the look of the universe, and I think bringing Bagley back to Ult Spidey is a step backwards considering Stuart Immonen and Sara Pichelli’s work on the title), Ultimate Marvel is a pretty elite hangout for the top writer’s and artists working today! Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Millar, Frank Cho, Bryan Hitch, the list goes on and on! This pocket universe just keeps pulling in a plethora of prime people to provide points of interest!

That isn’t to say it’s all roses though. I feel like I need to include a negative so that this doesn’t come across as a complete brown-nose fest. The one negative thing I can think of doesn’t make much of a difference in the long run, ironically: Continuity. Even in the beginning, things were a bit of a mess. I can remember Bendis having to go back and make some things make sense in retrospect involving The Hulk and the Ultimate Marvel Team-Up book. And even on today’s shelves there are mild continuity errors, like Ultimate Doom issue 3 still has the Triskelion (home to the Ultimates) still residing in it’s original location..when in Avengers Vs New Ultimates #1  it’s hanging out in the Iranian desert where it was teleported by Captain America using a hammer not unlike Thors’. But those are just my fan-boy noodle lashings. In a couple months when the trades come out, it’s not even gonna be noticed.

This ain’t your momma’s Marvel Universe (AKA: CHANGE)
When was the last time a character died in the Marvel U and stayed dead??

A couple years ago, Ultimatum wiped out a TON of characters (Cyclops, Daredevil, Doctor Doom, Doctor Strange, Magneto, Wolverine and so on) and those characters are all still dead as far as I know. Doctor Doom? Head crushed by The Thing. Magneto? Decapitated by Cyclops! The Thing is no longer the THINGthing! Ben Grimm is human and can turn himself into some sort of Purple Energy and eff crap up! The person wearing Daredevil’s horns was most recently a kid and was almost immediately turned into a vampire and is ALSO dead! Reed Richards is the new mother-effing DOCTOR DOOM! The kid has gone bonkers and is currently tearing up the world in Ultimate Doom! For awhile there, it seemed that the Ultimate was already stale and suffering the same problems that the 616 (main Marvel Universe) suffers: a stubborn adherence to the status quo. But lately, nothing is sacred and anything can happen! It has brought back into my geeky life something that has been missing: change. Gone is the certainty that “this character will win because he’s a good guy and they’re gonna be working on a movie about him soon so he can’t die”. I actually look forward to being surprised with almost every issue, and that’s a bit of a rarity these days.

So for this: I thank you, Ultimate Marvel, for keeping this fan-guy from becoming a bitter, jaded comics reader. At least, for now.

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