PopTards Webcomic: POPSHOTS 1 up now! Look with
your special eyes!

SO…yeah. This is the first in an ongoing weekly series that you can look forward to every…weekly. It won’t always revolve around just the PopTards themselves, I also have some in the works with another artist (one with actual talent)  that just takes shots at random popculture happenings or characters..ones that you already know and love, not just our sorry carcasses.

Note: The poorly drawn gray thing that I’m using above is a marvelous Wacom Tablet 21UX. While it’s power is mighty and frightening, and has made drawing easier, it has not, unfortunately allowed me to actually illustrate the tablet itself with any accuracy. Because I’m lazy. So instead it seems more like a big ole gray ..stone. Rest assured, it is not.

In case you don’t know who those people are in the comic, I’m the doofy fella with the glasses: JD (or Johnny Destructo). The awesome girl that I reduced to a terrible asian stereotype is Slai..she’s one of my cohosts here at PopTards!

The “fun” part of doing this strip was creating a template for this strip and all that should follow and then sketching out this strip to fit that template, all without actually seeing if it would FIT on this here website. It was originally supposed to just be 3 or 4 panels right next to each other, a la the usual webcomic or newspaper strip….but luckily after sketching it out, I popped it in here to find out that EVERYTHING was EFF’d in the face. But now I have this new template that has more room for panels, so that’s good, right?
Here’s the original strip, sized down to actually fit in this tiny blog box!

Please let me know if you hate it, or love it, or are completely indifferent. Comment below!!

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19 Comments to “PopTards Webcomic: POPSHOTS 1 up now! Look with
your special eyes!”

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  1. Ahhh-mazing! Dude, the inking is awesome and really have a great sense of character. *Insert girly squeal here*

  2. Y says:

    I lol!

    Love the art, great color pallet!

  3. Shannon says:

    Nicely done! Aren’t tablets awesome…helps if you have talent to use them, as I learned

  4. Too subtle.

    Nice final panel!

  5. B says:

    nicely done, this will certainly be an outlet for you that will get you in lots and lots of trouble

  6. gbyrd13 says:

    Brilliant! Looking forward to seeing more.

  7. Alana says:

    This is awesome. Can’t wait to read the next one!

  8. jaydee says:

    thanks guys! (for obeying my demanding text message!) This is but the first of many!
    I got some comments from Webcomics.com with some critiques on how to make this better moving forward, including changing the font to look more hand drawn and toning down my bright backgrounds..(though to be honest, that’s ACTUALLY the color my bedroom is!)

    Y: You were saying last night that you do digital coloring? Can I see some samples of what you’ve been doing? Email me at wreckingballjd@gmail.com

    Uncle Dunklenutz: I believe you make your appearance next installment!

  9. Jason Henry says:

    Kickbutt! I too dig the color brightness/palate: unique; pleasing; creamy – the subtle humor contrasted with the bright colors hit well. Wouldn’t change a thing but ironically, I also really liked what the original strip’s karate-chopish final panel said/did, too. Kudos (and Snickers)!!

  10. Mr. Wongburger says:

    Re rikey

  11. kittykat says:

    LOVE IT, talent abounds. the last panel is so great. good sense of humor. text me when there is more. JD i heard you have a birthday soon, like maybe tomorrow. Happy BD.

  12. jaydee says:

    tanks, er’body!

    Jason: yeah, I really struggled with the Karate Chop alternate ending but I was reading a lot about comedy and writing and webstrips and all that and there was an interesting tidbit about ending a bit on the punchline and I thought the slapping might take away from the punchline panel, if that makes sense..
    but then it also reinforces the humor of the stereotyping by having her KARATE chop me…cause yeah all Asians know Karate!
    that was a tough call to make! Also, I’ll be expecting that delicious Snickers candy bar in the mail!

    Kittykat, yes it’s my bday today!! everyone send me stuff!
    and there should be a new one up every Friday!

  13. Fuck the comments you got on color…this is the technicolor Scott Pilgrim, but ten times better.

  14. jaydee says:

    douche: you are awesome!
    haha thanks!!! i WILL make rough love to those comments about color! just you watch!
    (i’ll be setting up a new youtube channel just so people can watch that)

  15. Kire says:

    Great work and good comic timing.

  16. JD (Host) says:

    thanks kire!
    #2 is up now too!

  17. Wedge says:

    JD and Slai as cartoon characters? AWESOME!! I love it, man!

  18. Tom says:


    The answer kids, is magic. Or glue.

  19. JD (Host) says:

    They are held on by my father’s disappointment in me. It’s LIKE a glue. A sad, sad glue.


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